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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Something In The Air !!

Ok it became more than speculations and rumors we speak about  internally or regionally in the Arab world , now it became a regular talk among Egyptians about the very soon Mubarak resignation or rather Gamal Mubarak’s escalation in to presidency.
There is no doubt that after the death of Mohamed JR that the  health of Mubarak is not doing well , his pictures with other leaders in the world are scary , Gamal knows that it is now or never. If his father dies suddenly and he is not on the direct pass of presidency , he won’t be able to do it , this is not Syria ,there is no assurance that there will be no fight on the throne of Egypt from his father’s men themselves.
Many people believe that the death of Mohamed JR made his uncle work more and more. Already many Egyptians including me believed that the inheritance of Presidency will be based on the following scenario
The scenario is simple  : we are so-called democratic country , Mubarak suddenly resigns from the leadership of the NDP ,there will be internal elections where Gamal Mubarak and other puppets for decoration will run for the position in NDPC 2009, Gamal will win for sure . In the next couple of months Mubarak will announce that he can’t rule the country anymore and he will resign calling for free early presidential elections in early 2010. Nothing wrong will be done , all will be done according to the law and democracy , especially other parties will be participating in the elections too , they will run for presidency too just like NDP and its candidate Gamal Mubarak.
Of course in that time the Mubarak regime would have issued laws regulating satellite channels and newspapers , have arrested its opponents from MBs,liberals,nationalists..etc  not to mention they will try again to activate their anti-porno websites law to make the blogs shut up.
This is the scenario I believe Gamal Mubarak and his men were working before the death of his nephew may God bless his soul and his father’s health seems not so good to wait. BY the way I did not think that they would succeed in this scenario.
Now it seems the scenario has been altered in some way , the time table is shifted.
Since last month independent and opposition newspapers like Al Dostour,Sawt Al Oma and Al Arabi kept speaking about the so-close inheritance scenario taking place in front of our eyes.
Then came those rumors that won’t rest about the dissolution of parliament , already now our parliament is in a summer vacation thank God but the rumor goes and says that Mubarak will dissolve the parliament and the official justification in front of the world “ To  enroll the new Women MPs in the assembly “ !!
The rumor is still circulating despite the official denials from the government and the NDP’s heads like Safwat El-Sherif and Ali El-Din Halal, our government and the NDP are lying.  The problem is the official denial means confirmation especially they will always hint that the presidency candidacy door is open for everyone including Gamal Mubarak who is an Egyptian citizen and has the right to run for the office through legal channels !!
By the way some insiders from the NDP say that it is a matter of days and Mubarak will announce the dissolution of parliament !!
Gamal Mubarak is every where now , doing lots of meetings here and there with the youth of NDP and his future foundation.
The Muslim brotherhood are arrested again.
Safwat El-Sherif , who heads our Shura council aka the senates “ was convicted as a pimp in the infamous intelligence scandal in 1967 with Saleh Nasser” is speaking about his vision for the political partisan future of Egypt which is similar to the United States of America “ Two parties sharing the rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “
There is something in the air for sure and it is not that good.
Regardless of all indicators I believe insh Allah all these plans are going to fail , already if Gamal Mubarak thinks for one moment about his nephew ,he will understand this , he does not own all the cards , in fact he owns none.
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  1. what you never mention is there are a lot of egyptians want Gamal to be the president of Egypt and he will become the president because of those people.

  2. You should annoit him King Mubarek II.

  3. @The Count , where are they ?? please tell me because I am an Egyptian and I live in Egypt , there is a huge difference between want and accept because of force

    @Anonymous , or even better Gamal II ,he was named after Nasser

  4. What we all Egyptians want is a democracy that works. Norway and Sweden have the best democracies in the world, created by their involved, responsible and non-ignorant citizens. Those democracies are non religious. I would hate to see my country sequestred by a religious group with unknown governing premises. Wake up Egypt! Look at Iran.


  5. @Miriam, who said that the MB will rule if we have democratic system !!??

  6. Agree! Take a long good look at Iran. I ask myself what other country will end up a look alike?

  7. You may enjoy reading "Four Questions President Obama Should Ask Hosni Mubarak"... it's at

  8. @anonymous, do you know that experts originally expected that what happened in Iran would have in Egypt first !!??

    @Paul , these are quite smart questions unfortunately Obama won't ask Mubarak these questions ;)


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