Thursday, July 2, 2009

Gamal Mubarak ; The Prince of Upper Egypt

Asuit has decided to name one of its public square after Gamal Mubarak for his contributions in fight poverty in the villages in Upper Egypt. Yes there will be "Gamal Mubarak Square !!"
This is the first time a square is named after Gamal. I do not approve on this decision with my all respect to the governor who took this decision with hopes that in the next Governors movements he will be transferred from Upper Egypt to Cairo or Giza or even Alexandria.
I do not understand why a public square would be named after Gamal Mubarak in Egypt in the first place if it were not for political hypocrisy !!??
Do not tell me that Gamal has fought poverty because in 28 years of his father rule Poverty in Egypt has increased fiercely not to mention the fact Gamal's entourage is from the greedy businessmen whom represent capitalism in its worst forms , do not expect them or him to be like Talaat Pasha Herb.
Do not tell me because Gamal's contributions to the society as in the end of the day the future foundation does not spend from Gamal's pocket money or his banks account , it is spending originally from our stolen public money.
What Gamal Mubarak is doing is already what his father should have done for 28 years. All what he is doing is cheap propaganda to appear in front of the international community as a humanitarian leader to increase his chances to be accepted as the next President of Egypt , cheap very cheap propaganda.
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  1. He is the future Pharoah of the Land of Nile. It is just a matter of time. It will be done during the Obama administration with some fake elections and the grand ol' U. S. of A. proclaiming that democracy in the Middle East continues. Israelis don't want anybody else in charge.

    They've already bought the Mubaraks and their cronies to maintain status quo in the region with regards to Egypt. Watch, wait, listen and see.


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