Egyptian Chronicles: Breaking News:Prince Hussein II of Jordan is named the crown prince of the Hashemite Kingdom

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Breaking News:Prince Hussein II of Jordan is named the crown prince of the Hashemite Kingdom

Jordan Times has just announced the following : 

His Majesty King Abdullah II officially named his son prince Hussein as Crown Prince of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Hussein II was born in 1994 , he is only 15 years old. I believe he is too young to hold this position in such region like ours.

It is worth to mention that his uncle Hamza used to be the crown prince till 2004.

88374778 Crown prince Hussein II now with his uncle

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  1. ايه قيمة التنصيب ده مدام مش حيحكم دلوقت ؟

  2. I do not know, but I think if Abdullah dies may be one of his brothers will rule and thus he wanted to secure the throne for his son , already I am puzzled from the timing of the announcement already

  3. Did you honestly think any of Queen Noor's children would rule. You think Rania the Pali would let that happen. Girlfriend your on crack.

    Queen Noor left the palace not long after Shorty Jr. took the throne. Brother or not, he was destined to put his son as his father did.

  4. It is normal to promote his own son as heir to the throne. According to the Constiotution of the Hashemite Kingdom of Joredan the Heir Apparent to the Hashemite Throne is the eldest male child of the regining King. If the King wish he has the constitutional power to promote some of his brothers or uncles as Heir Presumpative to the Throne...

  5. 15 is not little at all, especially in Arabia. History knows lots of examples of rulers who were younger than that, and who ruled by themselves and ruled well. Moreover, we do not expect King Abdullah to die to soon, do we? With the current advance of science, maybe he'll rule forever...


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