Tuesday, June 9, 2009

There is Enough Poverty For Everyone !!

Last week Al Masry Al Youm announced an exclusive shocking news that famous Islamic preacher Amr Khalid had to leave Egypt and that his new TV shows were not going to be aired from any Egyptian channels by the orders of the security.
The news goes on saying that Amr Khalid has to leave the country to London again and his programs plus his charity projects  were frozen because of Suzanne and Gamal Mubarak’s charity project “1000 villages”
Suzanne and son suddenly remembered after 28 years of their man’s rule that there are thousands of villages in Egypt suffering from unimaginable poverty and they have decided to considered as part of their CSR to launch the “1000 villages” project !!
The project is simply to build a real infrastructure for the poorest villages in Egypt whether from clean water or electricity or sewage systems ..etc , in other words what their man should have done from 28 years ago !!
It is said that Khalid and his organization “Life Makers” are having a similar project, Khalid’s organization is recognized by the UN by the way across the Arab world. The project will a reality TV show where a group of boys and girls will be sent to a specific poor area  in order to improve it. This show was expected to be a hit TV Show , to be honest I think it is a great idea , we have enough from silly reality shows that do not belong from near or far to reality in our society !!
The news does not stop at the clash of charity organizations but it goes saying that one of the coming shows of Khalid is the reason that decision. Khalid was filming a TV show for next Ramadan about the prophets’ stories in Holy Quran,this year’s story will be about Prophet Moses Peace Upon him , of course the center of Moses’ story is the tyranny and dictatorship of the Pharaoh. As we live in a country ruled by a regime that fears from creativity and metaphors so much , the security brains in this regime fear that this year Quranic story will be an open invitation for youth to compare their President to Moses’ Pharaoh and thus this should be stopped !! “As if people were not and are not doing so already !!”
It was announced that on Friday will send a message to Al Masry Al Youm explaining the whole issue, of course all Friday newspapers were focusing on Obama , only Saturday we had the opportunity to read his message. He was free to come and go as he wants in Egypt BUT … He was harassed , his shows are strangely cancelled time after time and he can’t go on with his charity projects for some certain reason !!
Then earlier this week there were news reports on behalf him denying all that but on the “First edition” show he confirmed that he was free to come and go BUT …  he is not free to preach in Egypt , his shows are suddenly cancelled or facing problems !!
Let’s be honest and stop the lies ,I believe the news or rather the rumors that he is being harassed are true , Khalid has been a pain in the regime’s ass for no reason despite he is not politically active.
I won’t be surprised to know that Gamal Mubarak and the NDP are behind the new harassment nor I will be surprised to know that the interior ministry is objecting the reference to Moses story !! This is a very sick and paranoid regime by the end of the day.
Now I have some questions in my mind :
How can Khalid’s project consider a threat to Gamal Mubarak’s project ??
are not there enough poor villages in Egypt from the Aswan to Alexandria for every one ??
For God Sake is not this what Gamal Mubarak and his mother are calling for ?? The participation of civil society to improve the country side and raise its standard of living !!??
On a weekly basis I find ads for Orman charity society calling the Egyptians to donate for poor villages where they install water pipelines and electricity !!??
There is enough poverty in the country for everyone to fight !!
More provocative question : Is not that shameful to be living in the country of the high dam where electricity is exported to Syria where as villages in the same Nile valley do not have any access to electricity !!??
Regarding the Story of Moses in Egypt , well first of all this story applies to every tyranny  on this earth all the time , it is not only Mubarak that people will remember him whenever it is mentioned , I know that most if not all the rulers of the Middle East are the Pharaohs of their own times and their people are waiting for their Moses and his stick to be liberated.  Amr Khalid won’t remind them , they already know whenever they open the second chapter of the Holy Quran for God Sake !!??
By the way this is not the first time Suzanne Mubarak’s name is mentioned whenever Khalid had to leave the country by the orders of interior ministry , I remember from couple of years he had to leave because someone wondered on his forum why the first lady does not wear the veil !! “I do not know what his guilt was except that it was in his forum !!??”
Anyhow the first time he had to leave Egypt , he returned back more popular than before. All these harassments are increasing his popularity.
Update : 
  • What is going on  ?? Yesterday Amr Khalid appeared on Orbit to deny to all that talk where as Magdy El-Gald is insisting on what his newspaper has published !!?? Whom shall we believe !!??


  1. why '1000 villages' only? should be more especially her husband Mubarak already collected billions during his 28 years ruling Egypt!! Why have to stop others from doing their good deeds? They are not a threat, they are doing the same thing for the good of poor Egyptian people! I think Gamal and his croonies from NDP party dislike seeing Egypt turning to more islamic country as they prefer to be liberal and modern just like what is happening in Lebanon now! Gamal and his party hates to see woman wearing hijab and more people becoming good muslims especially at this difficult time! May Mubarak, his wife,son and all their NDP croonies rot in Hell insyallah! This group of people can't be helped anymore and they are blinded with wealth, power and greed!

  2. Have visited the Northern countryside and the Sa3yid I can honestly say what 1000 villages? More like 10 000. Come on people go out and look around. The national shoe of Egypt is the shipship (plastic made in china slippers). I saw more people wearing this shoe than anything else and the quality of clothes in the average stores has decreased because people can't afford nice things. Too busy looking for their next meal.

    If this story is true, the only people who will suffer are the apathetic Egyptians, who need to take charge of their fate. Their destiny is in their hands and not in their leaders.

  3. Second Anon, I agree with you 100%. They deserves it because they accept it and didnt stand up for their rights! Most of them waiting for people from MB, the Bloggers or Kifaya to fight for them while they stay at home watching and waiting!!!

  4. Here is why:

    صحيح أنه لا يجوز طرد مواطن من بلده
    وصحيح أن للكل الحرية في التعبير عن رأيه
    ولكن هذا الشئ باع بلده وقبض الثمن عدا ونقداً
    وسمم أفكار شباب وفتايات مصر ونزع عنهم كرامتهم الوطنية
    وكان الأولي أن يحاكم بتهمة الخيانة العظمي
    وعقوبتها الإعدام رمياً بالرصاص له ولأمثاله
    النفي والإبعاد تهاون من حكومتنا الرشيدة

    يا عالم... إتبعو من لا يسألكم أجرا

  5. @anonymous, Lebanon has been always this way , they do not care for turning us in to an Islamic country more than they care about their popularity I am afraid , they do not want any competition

    @anonymous#2,for sure in the end the poor will suffer, we need more than two organizations to fight poverty for real in this country

    @anonymous#3,may be because they fear the regime !! those poor people fear the regime more than you think for good sake

    @Ice, this thing is a human being and I do not find a reason why he should be attacked because he is rich as long as he does not steal for anyone and he is doing real projects that benefit not only Egypt but the Arab world
    How he sold his country and how he poisoned the thoughts of the youth !!??
    Grand treason , are u kidding me ?? these are very big words


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