Monday, June 8, 2009

Breaking News : H1N1 strikes again in Egypt

I found the news via Twitter , via Andre Whesis , that he received an email this morning from the AUC saying that Two AUC diagnosed with H1N1 and that the Zamalak dorms are currently quarantined.
There is nothing more currently ,except that according to the fact that the Zamalak dorms are quarantined ,those two students are foreigners.
Update : 
  •  AUC confirmed the news , in fact there is a third student who began to have similar symptoms and currently is hospitalized
  • AUC urges its community to contact AUC clinic immediately if they experience flu-type symptoms
  • AUC says tests administered to residents of Zamalek Dorm to be announced this evening
  • AUC canceled some course in the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies today because of its issue apparently, this is Down Town if I am not mistaken 
  • Check out from this post by Jack ,he is in the dorm already.
  • I called the AUC , currently the Zamalek Dorm is under quarantine, no courses in Down town will be canceled.
  • Here is the news from Reuters 
Update : 
  • AUC Suspends Classes and Events Until June 14  "Confirmed via Telephone and via Dean's email sent to the students 
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  1. Did you check the accuracy of the content of the email your friend has received. As I have received a similar email; however, after checking it I have discovered that it does not come from the official AUC mail list and that neither the university nor the Ministry of Health have confirmed this piece of information.
    I have contacted them and let's see.

  2. Unfortunately the news is accurate , the daily news confirmed it , the dorm is under quarantine for 24 hours till the tests results are announced later in the evening

  3. I have received the reply from AUC. The news is confirmed. Call +20226151000 to check again.

  4. The Ministry of Health will expand its check up to the new Campus too. They will be there in a few minutes to make a number of check-ups.

  5. Thank you for the confirmation

  6. What the new campus too !!??


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