Wednesday, July 1, 2009

H1N1 Follow Up : 5 More Cases

Yesterday the ministry of health has announced that Egypt discovered 5 new more H1N1 cases. 4 of them are in Sharkia governorate , North Delta for a family coming from the United States .
On the other hand the discussion about the future of Pilgrimage "Hij" and Omra this year is still debatable. The minister of health wants to cancel Omra where as the minister of tourism is against the cancellation , I do not need to speak about Pilgrimage.
Of course the debate is much hotter among the clerics themselves.
Saudi Arabia understands the challenge it is facing already and decided to deal with the situation as much as it can in the Omra and pilgrimage , it recommends that pregenant women , elderly and kids to avoid pilgrimage this year , I really respect this move.
I also have a better suggestion. In such circumstances why not to limit Omra and pilgrimage for the first time pilgrims only from men and women , speaking about Egypt there are those who like to visit the Holy Land on an annual basis skipping the opportunities on others who have not gone and want to go "each country have specific number of pilgrims, Egypt of course is from the largest country" .
I believe Saudi Arabia should have a meeting with the rest of the Islamic countries in the world concerning the next seasons of Omra and Hij.
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