Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Regarding El-Qemany Affair

Yes I am some how busy in the last couple days still I could not ignore  things just like the Said El-Qemany circus.

The secular author has received Egypt's 2009 State Incentive Prize in sociology and since the announcement his opponent mainly from the religious parties in Egypt have denounced and attacked the State for granting him such honor.

The attack did not stop at denouncing the award  but reached to the level of lawsuits and fatwas against El-Qemany  to strip not only from the award but from his Egyptian nationality and accusing him of grand treason. El-Qemany has been always accused of blasphemy but grand treason , well this is a new thing !!

Of course El-Qemany nor his supporters and fans are sitting and watching still , they also have unleashed their war against the religious men and El-Qemany haters in the media.

Now both teams have declared the war on each other and we got now this silly war of “Religious Vs. Secular state” in the media in time we do not really need it.

Personally I do not like El-Qemany , I have not read any of his books but I read couple of his articles and I saw in several TV shows , I do not like him at all , he is just as radical as his opponents , he is representing the radical secularism in Egypt which makes people , normal regular people hate and associate blasphemy with secularism if I may say. I will say it again I hate El-Qemany and I do not think that he deserves all that noise.

Now regarding the award , to be honest I do not think that it is great honor to be awarded such award in the time of Mubarak’s regime. It is not a secret that those approved and support Mubarak’s regime take all the awards and honors of the State. So to be honored by Mubarak currently is not a real honor actually.

Speaking about the award itself I do not think that he deserves it , I believe there are others who deserve this award than him for sure. It is not enough that in the same year the minister of higher education and scientific research has pulled the name of Dr. Hany El-Nazr this year for fear he would take his position as a minister in the next cabinet due to his achievements in the researches center. The Nazr incident shows how and to whom these awards are given.

I think Farouk Hosni gave the awards this year to both El-Qemany and Halmi Salam “ the infamous poet who caused a stir with his poem Laila Muard’s balcony”  to please the so-called seculars in Egypt and to appear in front of the West as a secular minister to increase his opportunities in the UNESCO chair.

Also I think that the regime enjoys this so-called war between the Islamists and seculars so much.

We got other issues , much important issues I am afraid now in Egypt , instead of speaking about El-Qemany’s award why no one is speaking about the MB bloggers who were arrested in Cairo airport , why no one is speaking about how our Cotton exports have dropped 91% this year according to the official statistical numbers !!??

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