Monday, August 3, 2009

I Do Not Love You, Man !!

I did not see the film “I love you Man” and I was not planning to see it actually despite being on the top of the box office from few I_love_you,_Man months ago in the United States of America, I do not like that sort of comedy.
Now despite it has been screened from several months , it will cause an uproar in Egypt after its deliberate insult to our late President Sadat . In the film the hero Peter Klaven “Paul Rudd” walks with his new friend – to- be his best man in his wedding Sydney Fife “Jason Segel” asking him about his dog. Fife who is a total mess tells him that his dog’s name is “Anwar Al Sadat” !! When Klaven wonders why he named after President Sadat and whether he admired his policy, Fife boldly tells him that he named after his dog looked like President Sadat !!!!
Here is the scene

May be it is funny in the States but for us this is a huge insult even if it were not for an icon like Sadat ,so you can imagine it when it comes to one of our rulers.
Honestly if it were not for I would not have not known.
Cutting off this scene from the film to be screened in Egypt did not hide our mistake and insult against this man , if this film was truly screened in Egypt , then Ali Abu Shady , the head of censorship should apologize to the Egyptian people and the family of President Sadat not to mention the least thing he can do is to resign. “For the record I respect Abu Shady yet I am extremely angry from him” Movie_L This is not Abu Ghazla whom the censorship protected him from Charlie Wilson’s war simply by cutting the dance scene from the film in Egypt !! “by the way the film will be shown next Wednesday on Movie Channel 1 at night on Showtime Arabia network”
Where is the Egyptian Embassy in the United States from this insult ?? Where are our Egyptian community from this insult against our President ?? Or they only move when it comes to Mubarak !!??
I swear I will be as angry as now if they call it Nasser or Naguib or even Mubarak.
It is not an overreaction or over sensitivity , yes East is East and West is West , I remember that many Americans did not like when that company produced a monkey doll on the shape of Obama. This is the same issue.
You know what is really provoking in this whole ?? It is the fact that in the past months I found reviews about “I love you man” in the Egyptian lifestyle magazines !!!!??
I hope this time the widow of President Sadat not only his daughter Rakia will do something this time ?? !! Or will she consider it a freedom of expression thing !!?? Well I know that one thing for sure is that Rakia Al-Sadat may sue the production company DreamWorks pictures, its director John Hambrug and its writer Larry Levin “ Hamburg co-wrote with him the screenplay”.
Of course I know that DreamWorks Pictures is owned by Steven Spielberg , the legendary director that usually is considered a Zionist in our media , I think many including me will consider this film another insult to Egypt and Egyptians in his long list of films he directed and produced. ‘The list is too long to be honest’
Ironically I was from the people who believed that Schindler’s list film should be screened publicly and I like this work for real!!
Also I know that Hambrug co-wrote Meet the fockers where the Fockers’ pet was called Moses after Prophet Moses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May be it is ok for him but it is not ok for us.


  1. I highly doubt that Steven Spielberg has an anti-Egyptian agenda! I mean come on, Hollywood is all about business, how much money a movie will make. Aren't we over the conspiracy theories alreay? I know arabs are often protrayed in the worst way possible in Holywood movies (there are movies like "The 13th Knight" and "Kingdom of Heaven" that were fair)
    In the end it's all about making the big bucks.
    One more thing, "our rulers" are not prophets, and they are not iconicnal characters cannonized beyond mistakes, being a ruler is a high ranked governmenta job. A ruler is a civil servant..
    As arabs we know that our worst enemies are our rulers, why are we still defending them?

  2. I didn't know about that too!

  3. But notice that your wonderful government did not decide to not let it play? There is censorship in Egypt but when your own government is part of the agenda, what do you expect.

  4. we keep cursing Anwar Sadat for the making peace with ISrael day and night so why it's an insult when we the americans do it?? why thise chuvanism??

  5. Even if that was Spielberg's intent (which I highly, highly doubt), do you really think this would register as an insult amongst most Americans? They barely know that Egyptians are Arab, or where Egypt is, let alone who Sadat is. And calling someone a dog in the US? Not really an insult.

    I really don't get where you're going with this.

  6. I like Sadat and all but allow me to disagree with you.
    First, the joke isn't even that good. Staring at that dog, he doesn't really look like Sadat. :)
    Plus I'm fairly sure that the joke will fly over the head of the immense majority of the viewers. And those who do get it will forget it by the end of the film.

    And finally, I believe that we should be entitled to make fun of all symbols of the state... (though I prefer it when WE do it, not when someone else does!)

  7. I don't think that a zionist director have any reason to insult Saddat... all zionists love him

  8. المفروض نبقى ضد الحجب و المنع يا زنوبيا

    مش نقول فين الرقابة و فين ابو شادى؟


    السادات و ناصر و مبارك ليسوا ايقونات او رموز

    و حتى اهانتهم ليست اهانة لوطن عمره الالاف السنين

    و اهانة بوش لم تعتبر اهانة لأمريكا

  9. get over it. IT IS overreaction and oversensitivity. This was just a BAD joke.

    If we as Egyptians/Arabs/Mulims keep on crying about every little minor thing, noone will ever take us seriously, even we have a big-major point to make.

  10. the dog is named anwar sadat because the OWNER thinks the dog looks like him. When they show the closeup of the dog, it is clear that there is absolutely no resemblance and that it is just another proof that the owner is slightly crazy! It's a fictional movie and to give it more importance than it deserves says more about you than the people who produced/directed/starred in it.

  11. I think this is indeed an over-reaction!

    Yes, we are red "hot" blooded easterners :sigh:...

    BUT, like a previous commentator mentioned "if we keep obsessing and fixating on every little and insignificant insult, we won't be taken seriously!" I'm paraphrasing, ofcourse!

    The whole Egyptian community is infuriated by an implication in a cheap fart joke movie?!

    This just portrays us even worse... like we have nothing better to do with our time!

    No offense to anyone or the blogger!

    Profanity or "fart jokes" is a common trend in jewish comedy and since the cast are mostly jewish (or at least the 2 lead characters are)... this is not unusual!

    Ever heard of the The Daily Show's Jon Stewart?

    So just let it go... this is too insignificant!

  12. sorry about the double comments

  13. what a low-life little pittyfull nation are the egyptians? they think all the people in the world should respect their dictators while in the free world there is always place for eveybody to express their views!!! i bet that dog is far more free individual than all you idiots!! that u think that the censor autorities did a bad job shows what a bunch of retards you really are!! normal people dont need some one to decide what they should watch or not!!

  14. they do look the same.

  15. @ Anonymous... (how convenient? you coward!)

    Who do you think rates movies PG 13+ 18+ or R rated you idiot?

    Here, we call it censorship... you cheap excuse of an ignorant fuck!

    And dog...individual? Apparently you and "individuals" like you have no problem being compared to a dog and treated like one...

    And by "normal people", you mean people like you?

    Ignoramuses like you should hang themselves!

    Just because you're loud and profane... doesn't mean you're right!

    It just means... you're an immature jerk!

    Two can play this game!

  16. i just wanna thank u for that..i was dying to see that sence after hearing about't ..honestly i thaught it gonna be like..some druged man talking about peace..that's gonna be even more propriety than makin't like that..any way even God idea had been insulted many times in hollywood..and great work..i luved ur blog keep going ^^


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