Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where Is the Surprise ??

Today it was announced from couple of hours ago that President Mubarak is going to visit Damietta in a surprise visit !! Yes a Surprise visit !!??

How it could be a surprise visit and they have announced every where in the media !!??

Already I think that the people of Damietta know very well that he will visit their town for more than 3 weeks ago thanks to the preparations in the city not to mention I know that at the same moment all the workshops and shops are forced to close and many people believe they should stay in their homes till he finishes his visit in town.

Till now I am searching for the surprise in this surprising visit !!??


  1. No way! I never thought that this old joke of "3andoko emte7an mofag2 3ala ghafla youm el-7ad" will come true!

    This reminds me with two things:

    1. 'ma7atel el-Matar el-Serri' that I read about in the 60s of the last century.

    2. Contemporarly film "Tabbakh El-Rayess" when they make the 'eclipse' announcment to make people stay at home!

    Any link for the news? I mean who is super genius enough to write in this way?

  2. It was a surprise because most media reported that it was Ahmed Nazif who is visiting Domyat, not Mubarak.



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