Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breaking News : Farouk Hosni Lost The Elections

Yes boys and girls Farouk Hosni has lost the UNESCO elections in front of Bulgarian Irina Bokova who has become the first woman to head the international organization :)
Farouk got 27 votes and Irina got 30 in the final fifth vote.
Now there is uncertain news that they busted some member in the Egyptian delegation trying to bribe the delegates , the sum they are speaking about is $50,000 !!
Now I wonder if Farouk Hosni will be a man of his word and resigns as he promised to do or he will resign and Mubarak will not accept it as usual or he won’t resign and stays in his position !!
Man I am so happy but I am sad on that money spent on his campaign and the humiliation and comprises Egypt had to pay all those month to win the minds and hearts of the United States and Israel.
Of course he will return and keep bitching about how biased the UNESCO committee is to stand with an European woman and not with an Egyptian Arab Muslim man and surely the official media will go on with him complaining about the American Israeli conspiracy against patriot Hosni !!
Man I want to see his photo now !!
Update : 
It seems that Hosni did not lose in the UNESCO but also in Egyptian Chronicles' poll whose results came as follow :
  • 82% from 172 votes "142 votes" think that he did not deserve this position 
  • 18% from 172 votes "31 votes" think that he did deserve this position. "ironically Bokova won by 31 votes !!"
  • I really thank dear Ahmed Shokeir who posted this poll in his wonderful blog.
  • I also thank all those who participated in it from Egypt and from the world.


  1. Shame on you, Zeinobia!

    I've been following your blog for a while, and I liked it and liked your comprehensive coverage.

    You may not have liked Hosni as a UNESCO candidate, and that's up to you. But I've just stumbled upon the so-called "saveunesco" Twitter channel, and to my shock, I found that you actually shared joy of his loss with the Zionist lobbyists who created it -- the very people, who once again manipulated nations into doing what THEY want.

    That was a total disgrace both to yourself and to your country!

  2. allah, now that is a eid gift! congrats to the gentle lady from bulgaria!

  3. Shame on me !!! Shame on that minister who stayed for 20 years and did nothing to protect the culture nor the heritage of my country , shame on that man whom in his era whole temples were stolen , whose aides were found guilty in corruption cases, shall I say more about the achievement of Farouk Hosni ??
    disgrace on him and on that regime that kissed the asses of Israel and America in the past few months so they would accept him in the UNESCO !!

  4. More important issues to deal with -- Prostitution in Egypt.


  5. Regardless of whether I liked Hosni to win or not the fact the very sad fact is that as usual this election is not fair in any possible way. Its not a secret how politics are involved and its not a secret how certain countries use all sorts of pressure to push for the result they want. If he lost because the US was playing some of its puppet countries behind the scenes then I am very sad. I also do not like it that its always difficult for a candidate from the South to win a leading seat in IOs. I personally believe that it was the US and not Israel behind this sudden European back up of one candidate, particularly when as far as i know all European Med countries supported Hosni. Since Hosni already started giving concessions to Israel, I think they wouldve loved for him to win because they can keep on pressuring him. I think the US has so often stood against candidates from Arab countries in many incidents and I am wondering why none of the so called Arab leaders who do have a lot of money and power (suppliers of oil) never did the same when there is an American or an American backed-up candidate?! We can play friends but we should also look out for our own interests.

  6. @zeinobia: Granted, Hosni may not have been the best Egyptian candidate for the job. But, IMHO, I believe you're making a *big mistake* by ignoring what happened in the past days.

    Hosni was the most favorable candidate and the one most likely to win as he had the support of most nations, and organizations - from Arab, to African, to Muslim.

    What you're missing is HOW Israeli/Zionist lobbyists turned this from a guranteed win to Hosni to a loss. If you don't see something *really* alarming in what happened, I think you should think about it again.

    For me, I see a strong message from Israel: we do what we want, regardless of what the world wants!

  7. 'Hosni was the most favorable candidate and the one most likely to win as he had the support of most nations, and organizations - from Arab, to African, to Muslim.'

    ya habibi, he was bested by a repected and career diplomat that has done a lot for her country. IF BY 'FAVORABLE' you mean the mubarak LOBBY machine then my friend you are wrong!

    WHAT YOU FAIL to understand is that hosni mubarak is one of the best lobbying machines in the world! HIS MASTER PIECE was putting BUTROS GHALI in the SG's chair! HE MADE AN IDOTIC TECHNOCRAT (ghali, responsible for many muslims slaughtered in europe in the 90's) into a world leader.

    hosni was mubarak's first failed candidate on the world stage, and that was all farouk's doing! 20 years of crap and nothing to show for it.

    btw islam does not factor into hosni's calculus as he has been rumored to be an atheist! and your blind hatred for 'the zionist entity' makes you not see the stark truth---that farouk was invented by mubarak for the world stage, just as sarah palin was invented by the right wing in the US.

  8. above anon HOWA MISH MATCH KORA!

    this is an organization tasked with a very sensitive mission, that frankly mr hosni can't handle evident by his 20 years of repeated failure!

  9. @ahmed in NY
    "WHAT YOU FAIL to understand is that hosni mubarak is one of the best lobbying machines in the world!"

    You don't know how much I'd like to believe that!

    "[...] and your blind hatred for 'the zionist entity' [...]"

    Please look up "zionism" and tell me if you should "blindly" hate it or not.

    I am *not* against Jews. I am against "Zionism" and the fact that they can, and do, manipulate people AND nations to do whatever they desire. See media coverage for one sentence Farouk uttered against Israel ("israeli books," he said, not "Jewish books" or "Hebrew books"). Also see how ALL news stories labeled him "controversial" and NONE of them was free of his allegedly "anti-Semitic" remark in the Parliament.

    I really wish Mubarak is half as "influential" as you claim!

    @Pax Machina
    It most certainly isn't.

    But tell me, what do you know about Irina Bokova? Does she deserve the chair? I honestly don't know much, but I know she was one of the lesser known candidates (unlike the EU Commissioner, for example) and that she was a minister for only a few months. (I didn't bother to read about how she left.)

    What I'm saying: there were certainly good candidates. Perhaps Farouk wasn't the best. But do you honestly believe that the election was based on merits? Do you believe that Bokova is the best of ALL candidates? Or was it that lobbyists did not care who heads up the UNESCO as long as it's NOT Farouk Hosni?

    PS: I'm not against Bokova as, frankly, I don't know much about her. I can only wish her best of luck.

  10. yawn....9 out of 10 (hosni being the only one ever to lose) of mubarak's picks on the world stage have bested opposition in intnl positions, the UN and the arab league to name the most notable 2!

    'I am *not* against Jews. I am against "Zionism" '

    should i call you noor el sherif? please don't feed me slogans, as they are an insult to your and my intelligence!

    after all the sensitive shuttling was done by mubarak, farouk had only his flimsy record to stand on. and after the meticulous combing and interviewing, the committee realized that farouk was nothing but an empty suit!

  11. Why is it mentioned here that the rumors surround bribes in favor of Hosni, while what has been reported did not mention whether it was attempted bribes for or against Hosni?!!!
    @zeinobia: I think on this point you let your personal feelings get the best of you.

    Relax every one if we get down to details this is all politics. The lady who won is a diplomate. I have nothing against her but being a diplomat only doesnt make you a good candidate to run UNESCO. Also, to what extent her gender was a factor?! As a woman, I highly respect such win but also wish she didnt just win because she is a woman but because she had the proper qualifications.

    Now, after all is said and done what I find interesting is that the US is clearly interested in UNESCO after years and years of disinterest, should we be worried?!! and since this is all politics I would like to see how Mubarak is going to deal with his allies who promised to support and didnt or promised to stop and not meddle but did meddle. Like it or not any regime understands the realities of having a national running an important UN org so, while we Egyptians played the he doesnt deserve it card the remaining countries played the who will serve my interests best and showcase my political dominance.

  12. "What you're missing is HOW Israeli/Zionist lobbyists turned this from a guranteed win to Hosni to a loss. If you don't see something *really* alarming in what happened, I think you should think about it again."

    And thats surprising because?!
    The guy notoriously said he'll burn their books, and then back pedaled when the statement turned against him, so, duh, they don't like him, and they sure as hell should try to stop him from winning.

    What I found odd about is your complete and utter surprise about their actions.

    There is obviously some bad blood between us and Israel, backstabbing is going to be there by default; The sooner we accept this and factor it into our calculations the better we're all going to be.

    And I guess the best man (in that case woman) won, so Hosni should be a good sport and thank his lucky stars someone as hypocritical and egomaniacal made it this far.

  13. Guys u've to check this video & website!
    Does anyone knows who is behind this mysterious website?...It's intriguing enough that it has ads on facebook, here is snap shot of the ad:

    Plz Z, would write or search about it!

  14. Zeinobia, we have to admit that you are totally free to anounce your opinin and that is what blogs are for, and I think you are totally aware that I'm agianst your point of view towards UNESCO bid and we got some debate on this over Twitter and this also normal, but what get my attention re-tweeting saveUNESCO tweets and I announced about him from 4 days and surprised that you retweet him.
    Generally, I think this is the first time to take such aside towards an Egyptian in front of the world and israel, they plan and supoort for their benfits against us and we give them a hand and happy about that, i'm damn sure that they make him lose not because he is Mubarak man or because he destroyed the culture world as most think, only because Israel was mart enough to tell the world he anti semitic and take the poor accident of words about burning the Israeli books to fail him, to assure the anti- semitic rule and to threaten others that this will be the result.
    Check my two tweets about the Bulgarian PM and how he is seeing the result is big acheivemnt for his country, and the other tweet by The Independent which titled its news "Book-burning threat costs Egypt Unesco leadership"
    We hate Farouk Hosni is a story, and accusing him with Israel in front of the world is a different story.

    Good poll, although I wished results to be better than this

  15. والله زعلت لك يا فؤش

    خد من قلبى وصر

    بس اقولك حاجه ...تقريبا كأس العالم للشباب حيكون فرصة حلوة علشان الناس تنسى خيبتك التقيلة ...انت والفريق اللى حواليك

    نفسى افهم بأمارة ايه ؟ عاوز تبقى مدير عام اليونسكو

    اما النكتة فى رأيى فهو - ما قاله صلاح عيسى
    خلص عيسى إلى أن التحدي الأبرز الذي سيواجه حسني في حال فوزه برئاسة اليونسكو، "لن يكون سياسيا كما يتوهم البعض، بل إصلاح المنظمة داخليا والنهوض بأدواتها التي افتقدت كثيرا من رونقها في ظل الرئاسة السابقة، خاصة مع إغلاق عدد من مطابعها وتوقف بعض مطبوعاتها".

    يرحم امواتنا وامواتكم حلوا عننا بقى


  16. I'm glad that anti-semite didn't get the post.

  17. I am actually suprised by your response Zeinoba. Nearly all Egyptian intellectuals agree that it was Hosni faced a harsh coalition of American, European and Jewish pressure to put him down. This demonstrates how hypocritical america is real is. Giving a golden speech in Cairo but work feverishly to bring down any Arab candidate trying to reach an important position internationally, this demonstrates that the clash of civilization is really taking place. You have been blinded by your own hate for the Nizam that you are not able to differentiate between the many factors at play that brought Hosni down. This demonstrates the racism and bigotry of the west. Its a shame that you are cheering for this crowd while at the same time claiming to be an Egyptian nationalist.

  18. Since when what is Israeli becomes Jewish right away? I never agree with the "burn the book" attitude but what Hosni said was regarding Israeli books and not Jewish books and what happened here is that a bunch of Zionists i.e. extremists abusing the Jewish faith, made it as if he meant Jewish books. We have a political peace agreement but its well known that wide sectors of Egyptians are not normalizing relations with Israel until the Palestinian issue is solved. So, while its a terrible statement because we all know thought can not be prevented but could be confronted with counter thoughts or books in this case, he was defending a position of not normalizing relations in the sector of book publishing.
    The worst thing about this election is that extremists in the form of Zionists managed to control the outcome, any comment that is against any thing Israeli now equals a comment against any thing Jewish, the UNESCO which should encourage free thought saw a battle over the pathetic anti-semitic issue a charge that is ready for those with posts who dare to bad-mouth or disagree with Israel, like it or not the US's record shows a tendency by our friends to always oppose an Arab candidate, like it or not the West is not that pure, not that fair and yes gets swayed, gets bribed sometimes and always only serves their own interests, when will we do the same?

  19. @anonymous re: bribe
    You're absolutely right! Zeinobia got her information from a Twitter channel (saveunesco) run by Jewish activists against Hosni's campaign. Not a SINGLE paper accused Hosni or the Egyptian delegation of the bribe.

    @Haisam: Their action is no surprise. Big surprise is how a few individuals drive a over 4 billion people like a herd of sheep.

    @Shokeir & above @anonymous: Very well said.

  20. @Anonymous said...
    Since when what is Israeli becomes Jewish right away?

    either you like it or not, it was Jewish pressure, either in the form AIPAC or any other evangelist Christian right organization, that made the american dignitary in the UNESCO work to gather a coalition and an alliance to bring down Hosni. The fear that Hosni might actually point a thump to the abhorrent action of Israel in Jerusalem trying to wipe out Arabic heritage was giving Israel a headache.I am no fan of the Nizam, but Zeinoba cheering for this is degenerating to the caliber of school yard children wishing upon the death of their parents because they didn't give them enough allowance money. Regardless, UNESCO proved to be an extremely biased, racist and dishonest playground for world powers.

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Peace between Israel and Egypt begins to not pay off
    ridiculous Accusations non-recognition of Israel
    Giving terrorists move freely in your country
    I'm starting to think maybe it is better for Israel to occupy the Sinai and get rich from oil
    Instead of takeing your shit
    Uneducated idiots who do not understand what they have in hands
    And your damn primitive state do Not frightens Israel
    we can always use the atomic bomb


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