Egyptian Chronicles: Guess The Future Lebanese Leader

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Guess The Future Lebanese Leader

Despite the fact that Lebanon has been always a republic yet its political system is made of Royal families , a kind of an old hereditary system that existed even before the republic.
Now Can you guess who is that good looking future Lebanese leader ?? His father is from the main leaders in Lebanon just like his grandfather whom he had never met.

Ladies and gentlemen may I present to you Timour Walid Jumblatt, oh yes he is the son of the man of all seasons , Walid Bek. This photo was taken for the son of Walid Bek from his first marriage in the anniversary of Musa El-Sadr disappearance which was held by Amal movement , ironically it was as the same time Qaddafi was celebrating the 40th anniversary of his coup.
Back to Timour there was a rumor from couple of years that he did not approve on his father’s alliance with the 14th of March , of course during than the rumor was denied. Anyhow his dad is back to normal now and is defending Arabic nationalism,socialism, Nasserism and Palestine.
Good luck for Timour , I wish that he will be like his grandfather and not like his father.

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  1. Define "normal" for Walid Bey, please.

  2. He's extremely lucky he looks nothing like that repugnant weasel, rat, sneaky, double faced, traitorous father of his. Willy's bulging eyes and receding hairline make me wonder why anyone would marry this man much less be intimate with him. He's very gross and very dishonest to boot.

  3. Damn, he is good looking! He can be my leader anytime, lol.

  4. @anonymous , well I know he is not that normal , but normal for him is the left

    @anonymous#2 , well hopefully he did not inherit his father's moody political views too

    @Ice Queer and Banoota , let's just wish that he is not like his father in personality , this is much important than looks

  5. (A)-BELOVED/&LATE EGYPTIAN FEMALE CROONER/ACTRESS LADY LAYLA MOURAD in one of HER romantic songs, sang :MIN BA3EED YA HABIBI,meaning FROM A DISTANCE MY DEAREST?!I found that quot much appropriate as a title to this..COMMENT/where i would like to tell how surprising & amusing,because thanks to IT,i was fortunate to see SUCH GREAT PERSONALITIES that became LEBANON^S modern days/history makers and OUR/MY>HEROES?!..As a child myself,almost 9 y.old in 1956 ALEY a mountainous summer resort as walking by a parked large American made car i noticed our (many times Prime Minister)Late/GREAT Mr.SAMY SOLH?? Sitting at the back of HIS chauffeured vehicle with HIS Hukka/ARGILA or Hubble-Bubble,Steam blowing out of the HE,bless HIS good memory,was renowned as fond of it!!...In 1963/22 Nov.The day Late/Great USA Pres.,J.F.K.was assassinated,on Saturday 23rd / Sunday 24th most OTHER Lebanese schools were mourning and closed their doors for those 2 days as a RESPECT to HIS sweet memory,But my school was closed on Monday too,as a special Tribute to THAT GREAT MAN or Martyr Pres.JOHN Fitz. KENNEDY (RIP) !! when we let off,as i was once again passing by a parked car,guess what?? WAS sitting Ex-PRESIDENT Late MR. BESHARA EL KHOURY..THAT GREAT POLITICIAN WHOM BROUGHT THE INDEPENDENCE to LEBANON in 1943 with HIS colleague then Prime Minister and a relation to Mr.SAMY SOLH..(Mentioned above),Immortal Mr.REYAD EL SOLH??father of infamous social personality the late LADY ALYAA EL SOLH/A FAMILY that gave this country best MEN & WOMEN leaders in every aspect?! WAS sitting in the back of HIS car..or Waiting?!! Sadly enough, Mr.B.EL-KHOURY HIMSELF passed away at an old age in 1964!..Early 1970s,not certain which year of it as i was in my cousin^s vehicle heading towards SAY-DA or SIDON in South Lebanon..before reaching DAMOUR a compact-town,passing through SA3-DI-YAT,where Ex-President CAMILLE SHAMOUN had HIS Villa or Semi-Palace then, as HIMSELF driving HIS car,most probably heading for Beirut??..I WAS FLABBERGASTED to see in person such A GIANT history-maker!!..Even though around 1954/5/6/7/8 on our way on KANTARY Street where HIS Presidential palace was situated then from1952->1958 when HE left finishing HIS 6 y.term as a President and Lebanon enduring difficult times for at least 7 months in 1958??..But no one could or CAN deny that LEBANON had its GOLDEN DAWN during Pres.,SHAMOUN^S 6 years,of Reign?? Even those whom were in dispute with HIM & HIS policies..,like, Late/GREAT Egyptian Pres.,then> Mr.GAMAL ABDEL NASSER(1953-1970)
    did Admire HIM ,as a V e r y,G R E A T/DISTINGUISHED person!!...->More??/...Regards for now from:IS-HAK BARSOUMIAN/London/

  6. (B) I,and my school-mates in those 4/5 years while walking back home, passing by, HIS presidential Palace on RUE KANTARI/ the mid 1950s, once a while used to notice our Late /President then Mr.Camille NIMER Shamoun<(In fact HE was a political Tiger + Lion,put together)GOD bless HIS Undying memory,sometimes HE was seen going into HIS Limousine presidential car,some other times with HIS Immortal/sweet/ELEGANT more than a Princess is,1st Lebanese >LADY<,LEBANON ever had in its Modern HISTORY since 1943 Independence?!!Yes,I mean Lady ZELFA(THABET)Camille SHAMOUN or(Chamoun),with HER Graceful presence accompanying HER Gentleman husband on a trip!! THOSE WERE THE GOOD/GOLDEN OLD NOSTALGIC..DAYS OF LEBANON..then!! Even when OTHER Presidents+Kings+Princess visited Lebanon in the 1950s, we the kids, enjoyed seeing OUR LEBANESE FLAGS and theirs on all the routs plus on artificial/Wooden made >ARCHES of TriumphsAL DAMAN AL IGTIMAEE (A SOCIAL SECURITY) branch in our AL BALADI building 4th floor/at SAAD street/KHANDAK GHAMIK Al Bashoura and finally,Prime Minister Mr.SALIM AL HOSS in HIS Limousine too while passing through Zokak el BLATT Street,in 1977,as serving,then,in Late President ELIAS SARKISS Government?! without forgetting to mention late SHEIK PIERRE JEMAYEL/founder of AL KATA-EB(PHALANGE)Christian party that is serving WHOLE Lebanon!! Seen HIM once coming out of a public transport on DEBBASS SQUARE/Beirut,to show how modest/meek person this,CHEMIST/
    + once Pharmacy shop owner on Martyr Square/Beirut/that became GREAT/INFLUENTIAL POLITICIAN was too close to be one day a President,but HE passed on HIS chances to HIS 2 sons to get that title..instead!!Sadly, One gave HIS precious life for LEBANON the most infamous warrior Late/Great Shaheed KOL AL WATAN(Martyr for all Lebanon)Mr.BASHIR EL GEMAYEL may HE R.I.Heavenly Peace!! and Brother Mr. AMIN,reigned for 6 glorious years in the 1980s/<long he may stay/..Mind you this GREAT LEBANESE FAMILY gave many MARTYRS for that country along the years ,even their uncle Late MR.MAURICE GEMAYEL had heart attack during a debate in the parliament in the end of October 1970,i sadly witnessed that on our Black/White T.V screen.. transmitted live!!viewers didn^t believe it really happened,because they never were convinced that any Politician could be that devoted to HIS cause..then!! God bless HIS GOOD MEMORY!!These were HEROES hard to find them NOW,never mind their look-alike ,even a copy cat of their SCARCE??/ Best wishes all/ISHak.N.Barsoumian/London/...< P/S:initial -N- stands for Nostalgia?!


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