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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Maktoob Yahoo !!

Some of you may have heard about the IT Middle East's deal of the Year : Yahoo ! acquired Maktoob. It is from the major news of the year whether for Yahoo or for us as Arabs. Maktoob is from the early Arabic web portals originally from Jordan and it is a great thing for a service started like this in the Arab world to have international recognition like that.
Still I have two questions, very important questions regarding Yahoo! Future policy towards Maktoob and its content especially in its Maktoob blogs.
How will yahoo deal with what can be considered anti-Semitic material ??
How will yahoo deal with what can be considered pirated material ??
Here is the Maktoob Yahoo portal
I think the Yahoo ! acquisition to Maktoob is a big blow to the partnership between Microsoft and Link in the Arab world and their poor , very poor child "MSN Arabia". BY the way there are strong news in Egypt that Link will be acquired by Telecom Egypt , already TE Data , the subsidiary of Telecom Egypt and main provider of internet in Egypt announced TE Live services
Anyhow congratulations to Maktoob, I am so happy for them and I am waiting for the new Yahoo ! Maktoob portal with their new content policy  
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