Sunday, October 25, 2009

Breaking News : Train Collision

It has just been announced that there was a train collision in 6th of October governorate. Two trains have collided in front of “Gazara” village at “Ayyat” district in 6th of October governorate tonight’s evening.
Up till now the death toll is 15 and 40 have been injured , of course these are primary numbers.
It turned out that train No.152 heading from Giza governorate to Fayoum governorate had collided by train No.188 coming from Cairo to Asuit.
In the past two months I feel there is something fishy going on in the Egyptian Railways , I know the government is dying to privatize our railways but fears the public rejection and anger and thus they are trying to create more problems leaving it to deteriorate more and more in order convince us that there is no other option than privatization !!?? I do not say that the government is behind this collision but amazes me how they leaving the railways to deteriorate more and more despite its important and vital role in Egypt !!
  • The death toll has become 25 and the injured now are 55 
  • It turned out that a buffalo was the reason of a coalition !!
  • It turned out one of the trains is the third degree train of the poor. 
  • Hussein Abdel Ghanny is reporting that the people of Gazara village are the one who are actually rescuing the people !
  • It is disgusting that yesterday night the Ch.1 of the Egyptian National TV aired a recorded variety show as if people were not killed that night in a terrible accident !!
  • When Mohamed Mubarak may God bless his soul passed away , all TV channels and radio stations mourned him for 3 complete days !!!! 
  • The disaster is that almost all Egyptian TV channels even the private one did not follow up the terrible accident as if they can't alert their holy schedule !! 
  • Only Al Jazeera bothered to transfer the matter live and I do not doubt that tomorrow they will be criticized for this !!

  • This is not the first train collision that takes place in Ayyat , from couple of years ago 300 people were killed also in a terrible train collision there. 
  • The prime minister was following the matter through the Phone , no info is available about the president
  • Here are some photos from the terrible accident last night

    • The ministry of health has not declared the final death toll , some sources say that it is not less than 30 !!
    • One of the train drivers and his aide have disappeared from the scene.
    • More really shocking photos from Youm 7 "graphic discretion"


    1. You are comparing the president's grandson to some unknown, faceless poor people? You live in a class conscious, segrated society where those with money ignore those with out. Get real! Did you expect any mourning for the worthless poor.

      It's not like Kuwait where they had a day of mourning for the tent fire that killed many women and children. Egyptian government doesn't care about its poor or the safety of its public transportation.

    2. @anonymous and till when we will accept this treatment !!

    3. It's a scary accident. I couldn't bring myself to watch the video. My deepest condolences to the families of the deceased.


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