Egyptian Chronicles: Pope Shenouda You Are Wiser Than That

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pope Shenouda You Are Wiser Than That

In the current Presidential Media hype Pope Shenouda has his share , he declared that he supported Gamal Mubarak.He is with the Mubarak whether the father or the son all the way , as simple and as clear as that !! n839443636_875748_9675
Pope Shenouda again is repeating what he had done in last presidential election dictating on the Egyptian Orthodox Christians on what to do in the ballot boxes in a disgusting way !!
Millions of Christians will go to the ballot boxes and vote for Mubarak and son in a democratic process thanks to him and his support!!
Of course even if he did not declare officially most devoted Christians will vote for Mubarak and son because of what they are being told in the Sunday schools that it is either Mubarak or the Muslim brotherhood. Yes this is what they are being told and forced to believe thanks to the Church.
Pope Shenouda is wiser than to think that it is either the Mubaraks or the Muslim brotherhood. What if it is another one person , another party Mr. X !!??
I believe this stupid decision is alienating the Christians more and more. If Pope Shenouda thinks that he is winning Gamal Mubarak in his side than he should think again because Gamal Mubarak is not in anyone’s side except his.
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