Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A First Lady From The Third World

 Because you do not like Suzanne Mubarak and her style !!
Just like the third world rulers are A Class dictators coming from the catalog , their wives , the first ladies come from the same catalog too !!
Cameroon First lady Chantal Biya , her husband President Paul Biya is considered from the worst 20 living dictators in the world !!!?
I do not how much money she spent on her hair and her looks but I know the people of Cameroon need this money more.


  1. Ewww, she looks disgusting. Not only do the people need the money but with all that money she has no grace or style. Yuck!

  2. She just redefined "big hair".

  3. Is there even a single good ruler/president in the world?

    As soon as someone rises to power he or she is surrounded by crowds of opportunistic people who want to make some profit. So even if there is some good will in the ruler it won't show. It is a pyramid, the people at the top will block out anything they don't want to go up, or go down.

  4. مين الساحرة الشريرة دي ناقصلها المكنسة و الطرطور

  5. Either she stuck her finger into an electrical outlet, or she's hooked on the TV show "Dallas."

  6. look how light skin she is for a Camerooni woman, well one only need to look at our tv to see all sort of blonde TV presenters, to know how much the elite our our democratic system despise our nation

  7. مشكلة اللبس تهون عند التسريحه والاداء، اعتقد المشكلتين القائمتين فعلا في شكلها هما دول ، عرف الديك والاحساس العالي بالنفس ، بس بجد دي لوحدها تنفع نجمة افلام كالت
    cult film
    بجد مدهشه اكتشفتيها ازاي !!؟

  8. sorry but stop insulting her because your president is not better shut da fuck up u suck as a motherfuck what a dumb you are ? she is light skinned coz she s biracial do not like her style is a thing but insult black ppl is anotha so shut up pussy ass bitch

  9. ROTFLMAO classic comment :)

  10. I sometimes disagree with dear Zeinobia, but it would never occur to me to call her a pussy ass bitch. :)


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