Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Heart Moussa

Man it seems that the race of presidential elections 2011 will be so much fun !! Following the path of El-Baradei , Amr Moussa at last has answered on the question that many Egyptians have been asking for years :

Will he seek the presidency of Egypt ??

Not so surprisingly Moussa answered in a vague and open way just El-Baradei , they are diplomats after all !!

Here is what Amr Moussa exactly said in Al–Shorouq Newspaper when he was asked if he is interested to run for the President’s post especially there is a considerable public demand for this :

It is the right of all citizens with the ability and competency to aspire to a position to participate in serving the homeland, including the top position of president of the republic. This right of citizenship applies on me , on you and on Gamal Mubarak !!!

There is nothing wrong in what he said !!

The confidence expressed by several citizens when they talk about my nomination makes me very proud, and I consider it a message that has without doubt reached me.

He knows very well what the people want and why he got sacked for his position as FM !!

But taking a decision on this issue requires several considerations...and we are somehow still far from the time for taking any decision on this matter

For sure we are in 2009 and the elections are still in 2011 but now  is the time especially that Moussa is not a member in any political party with parliamentary representation!!

Now I think Moussa is playing with the nerves of Mubarak and Son, may be he is repaying to them on what they did to him , the man did not and does not have ambitions to become the President despite our hopes and people’s admiration.

Let’s be frank Moussa is a perfect candidate in case of a real democratic country not fake democracy like the one we have.

People remember the ugly 76 article of constitution when you speak about our presidential elections , unless the candidate is from a party with a representation in parliament  , we will be fooling ourselves if we are speaking about democratic political reform in this country.

Still I heart Amr Moussa and I wish that he comes back as a FM not as a president.

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  1. I respect Amr Moussa but for me he is loyal to this regime and used to be part of it and I sure hope we get someone who is as disconnected to the current regime as possible also, in a true Egyptian style mesh 3arfa leeh mesh metamena I feel this is part of a trick meant to enhance Gamal's chances


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