Egyptian Chronicles: For Palestinians: Mahmoud Abbas Resignation

Monday, October 12, 2009

For Palestinians: Mahmoud Abbas Resignation

This online petition is for Palestinians only : Mahmoud Abbas should resign as the President of the Palestinian authority and as the Chairman of PLO

Despite the fact that these online petitions are useless in the real world at least in our part of the world yet they are very important expression tool.

I do not understand why the Palestinian People keep this man as their leader at in the West bank !! What happened to the Palestinians !!?? I am sure that there are better men in Palestine to lead the Palestinian people in their quest for freedom and independence.

I know very well how Israel is making sure this man remains in his place even if it exposes him from time to time but they need him and his men like Dahlan in PLO than people like Marwan El-Barghouti who could unit all the Palestinian fractions with their different ideologies in to one front for one goal.

I am so surprised at the new generations of PLO , oh man where are they now from Abu Jihad ??

By the way what happened to these audio tapes Kadoumi said to release soon in the market !!??

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  1. ح اتشللللللللللل ح اتششششلللللللللل وشكلك ح تتشلي معايا
    كنت لسة باسأل امبارح القدومي راح في اني داهية

    متشكرة قوي على نشر البيتيشن انا كمان نشرته عندي بس متهيالي يا زوزو بما ان الراجل ده اضر بينا جميعا من المحيط للخليج يبقى المفروض كلنا نوقع هو مش بكيفه يعمل اللي هو عايزه ويئذي العراقيين والافغان واللبنانيين اذا كان بعض الفلسطينيين موافقين على اذيته فهو اذى ناس تانية كمان

  2. شفتي ده يا زوزو؟

    انا مش عارفة ازاي الامور وصلت لكده
    مش قادرة اصدق، حاسة اني في كابوس

  3. The man has got to go, even secularists, communists, islamists, etc, all agree on this in Palestine


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