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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Heart Pain !!

It seems that Hisham Talaat Mustafa is having a hard time , it is normal and expected, no one can handle easily wearing the red suit waiting on the death row regardless of the cassation court. “There is no update about his case there up till now in a strange way”

It is the worst and scariest feeling ever and it seems Hisham’s heart can’t handle all that and this is why he began to suffer from irregular heart beats and high blood pressure and this is why his family will request from the ministry of interior and Toarah jail administration to transfer him to a hospital for treatment , preferably outside the jail or even to a fully equipped hospital following the jail administration !!

This is according to a report that was published earlier last week in Al Sharq Al Awsat and I do not know how it true is it but I will not be surprised if the ministry of interior allows Mustafa to be treated outside the jail or even outside the country !!! May be this could be the deal and how he will escape from the death row !!??

Man I remember how Ayman Nour had suffered in jail so he could be transferred to the jail hospital , I remember how Khairat Al-Shater had suffered a lot so he would have his heart procedure !! 

Ironically from time to time I find news in our press saying that the administration of the jail fears that Hisham would join the MB as he sits with them a lot !!?? Well should not those on death row sit in another place ?? why do they sit with the political prisoners in the first place ??

Ah Hisham’s accomplice in the crime according to the court Mohsen El-Sokary is being accused by Soad Hosni’s family of murdering the late star in London !!!!!! They even reported the matter to the public prosecutor’s office so he could open an investigation , I think it is just a move for their side to remind the people with their sister!! They are totally wrong because we have not forgotten the Cinderella and her murder.

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  1. Maybe he sits with the MB because they are also on death row?

    Did you even notice that, again, you wrote this article rife with speculation based on a gossip article? Start actually doing research and reporting news or change the name of your blog to Egyptian Gossip.

  2. Dear Zeinobia:with all my sincere respect,but IMHO the so-called cindrella's murder is simply a silly joke...!!!!

  3. @anonymous, I do not know if he should sit with them because he is on the death row.
    My dear this news was published in half page of one of the most famous pan Arab newspapers in the world and you do not want to me to comment about it

    @اخر ايام الخريف,May they are trying to remind people with her case , it is hard for them too


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