Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Innocent People Do Not Do Such Thing !!

The Egyptian authorities have cut the broadcast of Al-Aqsa Channel which follows Hamas on Nile Sat today. The timing of the cut was very interesting , it was during the announcement of Sami Abu-Zahery, Hamas’ spokesperson that his brother “Youssef” died because of his torture during his detention in Borg Al-Arab prison in Egypt!!

Now when I heard the news this morning , I was suspicious because the Egyptian regardless of its world infamous record in torture and human rights ,  it is not stupid to cause the death of such member in Hamas , the regime knows that this will affect our relations with Hamas and our role as mediator between the Palestinian factions negatively and Cutting the broadcast weakens the regime’s position and proves its guilt !!

Here is the press conference of Sami Abu-Zahery from Gaza speaking about his brother and he suffered in his detention till his death.

Sami Abu-Zahery here speaks to Al Jazeera demanding Mubarak to interfere !!! “ I do not know what to tell him !!??”

I know that hours later the Egyptian regime will announce either : that Hamas have not paid the fees of renting this channel or that there was a technical malfunction !!  Not to mention there will be an autopsy report from the interior ministry saying that he died because of normal reasons


  1. هبوط حاد فى الدورة الدموية


  2. ana ba7ebek, ma3a ennek bet7ebbi el sadat we di sab2a, enti el wa7ida elli bet7ebbi el sadat we ana ba7ebaha :)

  3. mesh shart, we all know how childish the gov in the region are. Bas begad the Egyptian regime needs to get back to seeing the bigger pic, its taking the hamas thing too far as if it was a personal issue (Personally, I feel a double sympathy for Palestinians now, they have to deal with Israel and 2 sides both claiming to want what's best for them while mainly doing what's best for themselves).
    We always used to deal with all sides of any conflict and maintain good relations with all sides and that was what gave us a huge role in the region.

  4. @mido , for sure it is !!!!

    @Nawara , thanks I love you too :)
    الاختلاف فى الراى لا يفسد فى الود قضية :)

    @anonymous, you pointed to our real problem ,we are losing our role in the region because of this stupid policy the regime applies in order to please the U.S !!


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