Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Notes On A So-Called Scandal

The Egyptians and Arabs who love scandals and tabloids had a golden meal from two weeks ago when suddenly Nour El-Sharif reported unknown Egyptian tabloid called “El-Balagah El-Gadid” to the general persecutor office for defame. It turned out that the tabloid published news claiming that El-Sherif was mentioned in a gays’ ring that was busted in Semiramis Intercontinental hotel as customer by the end of Ramadan . According to the newspaper he was not along , rising star Khalid Abu El- Naga and TV actor Hamdi El-Wazeer were included.

You can read a summarized report in Los Anglos Times

Of course mentioning the name of such popular star like Al-Sharif in such scandal caused a shock for a society that both rejects homosexuality and respects this Nour Al-Sherif actor. The regime was in Nour’s side  ; after all the regime loves to hunt down journalists from time to time regardless of they were innocent or guilty. I will not speak about the whole affair or the actors or the rumors and tales involving them but I will speak but certain points that made me stop in this affair .

This is a regime handmade scandal , the information regardless of its accuracy was handed by the regime , by the interior ministry to the journalists in order for some goals mainly to harm journalism, now there are journalists who could be jailed because of some information leaked by the interior ministry by the end of the day !!!!

It is strange that all curses , all attacks and all legal procedures are against “Al-Balagah El-Gadid” newspaper where as “Al Fagr” had published the same news in a different way in two issues in the same time  but for sure there are two important differences between Al Fagr and Al-Balagah El-Gadid :

1// As a professional old tabloid Al-Fagr published news without names at all , just references to the age and status of both “cinema male stars found having sex in a room in on the hotels on Nile river” , in fact if you focus you will find a different story than that ring.

2// This is the Fagr of Adel Hammoda , the dear friend of  Safwat El-Sharif people !! Of course he would get away from it.

All the blame and attack is on Al-Balagah El-Gadid as a nasty tabloid while Al-Fagr and its chief in editor are off the hook. “For the record  by the way the vice Chief in editor of Al-Fagr is in the side of the Al-Balagh.

The case of “Al-Balagah El-Gadid” is very interesting example for different boarder issues  :

  • Shall the reporter reveal his or her source regardless of the consequences ??
  • Shall the reporter reveal the copy of the police report despite the original report has been destroyed as it was claimed and thus the reporter could be accused of forgery instead of being honored of telling the truth and exposing the corrupted ???
  • Till when it is much easier to publish a newspaper with a license from Cyprus than from a license from Egypt ??
  • When will the supreme council of Press which is head by Safwat El-Sharif stop granting  cheap tabloids their approval in Egypt and decline the request of independent and partisan serious newspapers??

The two first questions are professional and are causing international debate in the press medium but the other two questions are related to our regime’s policy and if I may try to answer them , I would say that the regime will allow in fact it will remain welcoming these tabloids in order to make the people ignorant more and more.

Now  I really wish that Nour Sharif stops talking about those conspiracies from Israel and America as a result of his silly TV Series “Do not be afraid” because he is insulting himself and his mind as a so-called sophisticated artist before insulting his fans with these mind's insults , if he kept his views to himself along his friends in Press it would be much better.

P.S Al Araby reports that President Mubarak himself asked Safwat Al-Sharif about this scandal as Nour Al-Sharif presented his life in radio !!


  1. I find the last part the P.S. really funny. As if the security authorities in this country did not know his sexual orientation.

    I think the newspaper shouldve been more careful and even if this is a gov made thing the paper gave the gov the chance. What I found very interesting is that Nour seems to be going back to his ex-wife NOW!!

  2. Perhaps that's why Bousy divorced him. Maybe he's paying her a nice chunk of money to go back so he can repair his reputation.

    Where there is smoke there is fire. Abol Naga is over 40 and single. Probably is gay and no doubt the overweight, overrated sharif who is not sharif probably is also indulging in men.

    He must have pissed someone off and then paid the required penalty (much like the pseudo religious millionaire he played in Amarat Yacoubian). People in show business have NO morals and are VERY corrupt.

    Homosexuality is rampant in Hollywood why wouldn't it be in cairo's entertainment industry.

  3. Better a closet homosexual than those exhibit outward signs of phony-religiosity and piety.

  4. both are very talented!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what they do on their free time is no one's business!

  5. @anonymous , his ex. denied the news ;)
    honestly the newspaper was trying to get publicity , this may be the trade off , now we know a newspaper from months ago we have never heard about it
    The regime knows every thing

    @anonymous#2,God only knows the truth

    @anonymous#3, do you refer to Nour Al Sharif ??

    @Farouk and this is why it shocked many people including me
    Think of it as hypocrisy , Nour Al Sharif played the role of Omar Ibn Abdel Aziz and Haron Al Rashid and said that he was ready to quit acting if he plays the role of Al-Hussein !!

    Guys here I am not speaking about the rumors which God only knows whether they are true or not

  6. If AL SHARIF were gay,,i would have known that long time ago,,,no one can stay in the closet all that time,,,i think that paper is bluffing,,,like so many egyptians who live on bluffing...

  7. Guys
    Its so UNFAIR to these artists
    you are all so ignorant

    First: The Artists made a statement right after! what more do you expect them to do? They went to the Egypt General prosecutor & asked for justice!

    Second: Now they are asking each for a 10 Million pound each in compensation from the Newspaper which is not even presenting any kind of defence so far!, not only that!, but it's been proven that the Artists were not even in Egypt at the claimed bust!

    Third: Both Artists are very human rights' activists and have expressed their brave opinions against political regime in Egypt several times, both are very influential and looked up to, Both have opnely said in TV and Press That THEY ARE AGAINST GAMAL MUBARAK INHERTING THE POWER TO RULE EGYPT!... Hmmmm still you are not getting it??

    Fourth: Both Artists are few of the symbols of Liberalism now in Egypt. Mr Naga as a Goodwill Ambassador has spoken openly several times in Egypt for the rights of AIDS VICTIMS and GAY RIGHTS at the time none of the artists came close to that. EKHWAN (The Islamic Brotherhood banned group do not like that and did express that Mr Naga represents danger to their beliefs and Agenda, and some islamic conservative press journalists openly attacked Mr Naga for his liberal views)

    FIFTH: and LAST:
    A VERY SIMPLE RESEARCH ON WHAT AL BALAGH JOURNALISTS SAID IN FEW INTERVIEWS PROOFS THAT THE MASTERMIND BEHIND ALL THIS IS ADEL HAMOUDA (the Fagr Chief Editor) who handed all details and proofs to Al Balagh and never appeared till now to deny it, Only let his second man to say its all a plot by some sources against the Journalists to send them to Jail ! VERY FUNNY huh

  8. ya3ni what's wrong in beeing gay ?? the west reached the moon and we still are in the days of the camel !


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