Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Quote Of The Week : The Real Hero

The victory of the 6th October war was contributed to President Sadat’s decision during his life

The victory of the 6th October war was contributed to the first air strike during the life of President Mubarak

If the next President is from the military police , the victory of October war will be contributed to how the military Police organized traffic !!!

General Mohamed Okasha

Air forces

1973 Veteran


  1. lol, ya i'm afraid this will happen !

  2. After 2 weeks of war the Israeli's were back across the suez and 100 kilometers from cairo.How is that a victory for Egypt?I'm on no one's side,but this view has always been confusing for me,especially since the direct result of the war was the 1979 peace treaty.

  3. @reem , lol

    @anonymous, and what did they achieve ??
    on the military level they achieved nothing , they failed badly in invading two Suez Canal governorates "Ismalia" and "Suez"
    soldiers and officers were killed and injured
    The Egyptian army had the ability in two days to end it and was ready to do it but for some reason President Sadat did not give his order
    Some say that he knew that the Americans were madly supplying Israel
    This move was a show move for the Israeli people that this is the invincible army of 1967 despite historically there was no real war in 1967 Egyptian and Syrian armies withdrew
    Check what Uri Milstien , the famous Israeli military historian said about the Chinese farm
    Regarding the Peace treaty


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