Monday, October 19, 2009

This Is What Happens When You Rely on Sefon Sports !!

Youm 7 was nearly going to cause a huge diplomatic crisis between Egypt,Algeria and France because one of its reporter was too lazy to check from his source not to mention to rely on a football fan forum as his sole source “he did not mention it , he stole the so-called news from there !!”

As you may have know Egypt is going to play with Algeria and one of us is going to the world Cup 2010 in South Africa, it is a big scary game for sure and currently there is a sports media war between the two country on who is going to win fadee7a

In the weekend  we read in Youm 7 that President Sarkozy was praying day and night that the Algerians would lose because if they won the Algerian community would fill Paris with noise and trash !!! President Sarkozy said so in the international sports magazine “Sefon Sports” !! 

Of course big words that can cause a diplomatic crisis between Algeria and France , in fact it can cause unrest in France itself especially with the history of Sarkozy and the North African community in France. The news of course reached then to Al Arabiya and this gave it some creditability despite that the websites are often criticized for  their “News of the World” news style too often !!  In fact some serious news websites in region published the news ; Maktoob Sports published it  !!

However in no time the story found its way to the first pages of Algerian newspapers , Al-Bilad

pdf3011  Sarkozy-wants-us-to-win-!!

Now it turned to be a prank ,Sarkozy did not say anything , in fact I doubt that he knows we are going to play together or even he is interested to know !! It is a big prank started in an Egyptian fan forum for football called in post by Dr. Mizo !! Simply nobody cared to check the source of the news , in fact nobody cared to read the name of so-called magazine “Sefon sports !!”  Come on people “Sefon” = Siphon ; you know the siphon in the toilet ” !!!

If you want my opinion , it is a shitty joke by the word , it is rude and Dr. Mizo deserves to be attacked for this silly rude disrespect of other Arab nation because of silly game kicked by foot !! Of course still he is not to be blamed like those websites and newspapers that transferred his joke as if it were serious news without checking !!!!

I can’t believe that I am more professional that all those journalists and reporters who did not give a damn to check from Sefon sports !!

P.S The French Ambassador in Algeria himself has denied the news from these statements and now the Algerian press which made from it a first page news claims that our press fooled us with it !!!

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