Egyptian Chronicles: To Clear Some Points Regarding The Veil Ban in Egypt

Saturday, October 10, 2009

To Clear Some Points Regarding The Veil Ban in Egypt

The news agencies are transferring the decision of Al-Azhar Sheikh of the veil ban in th old university and I believe there should be a clarification.

First of all Al-Azhar Sheikh did not ban the veil nor the Naqab in the university , he only banned the Naqab in the classrooms

Second of all boys and girls are separated in Al Azhar university and girls are being taught by women and this is why there is no need for Naqab 

I disagree totally on how he treated that little 11 years girl taking off her her Naqab and wondering what she would do if she were beautiful !! It was very rude from him , he has weakened his position despite he was right. Allah “SWT” told Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” that “if you are rude ,they will leave”. Sheikh Tantawy should have known better , he is trying to defending himself saying that the 11 years girl provoked him.

Another point regarding the Naqab ban in the national universities hostel, I understand the point of Hany Halal and please do not tell it is against human rights or it is secular point of view , I have been in Cairo university and I got friends who stayed 4 years in the students hostel. Anyone can wear a Naqab and enter the hostel so there could be a danger but if Hany Halal is smart he can appoint female guards to check the IDs of the Students who wear Naqab and thus the problem is solved.

This is what I believe in both so-called Crises , they are not , they could be simply solved if we want to but because the people regard our government as secular and anti-human rights that fights religions and human rights we have all that fuss.

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  1. على فكره ده ميبررش المنع .. مين قال ان مش من حق الأمن (سواء ذكر أو أنثى) التحقق من شخصية اللي داخل ويطابق صورة الكارنيه بصورة الفرد؟؟

    منع المنتقبات من السكنى بالمدينة الجامعية ده قرار مخالف للقانون وللدستور .. وأي محامي يقدر يلغي القرار ده في مجلس الدولة بكل سهولة .. وبرضه الحكومة مش هتنفذ

    شيخ الأزهر .. ده لا تعليق عليه غير ربنا يعافينا ويعافيه .. الرجل عنده 81 سنه وأزعم انه غير مسؤول عن تصرفاته بطريقة أو بأخرى ودي سنة ربنا في خلقه .. قال الله "ومنهم من يرد إلى أرذل العمر لكي لا يعلم من بعد علم شيئا" أعتقد ان ناس كتير ومعظم الدكاتره عارفين توصيف حالة شيخ الأزهر .. انفعاله وسرعة غضبه مش بمزاجه وحرام عليهم يسيبوه في منصبه

  2. An 11 year old girl should not wear that niqab AT ALL... Let alone the entire country. Hopefully, they will ban it throughout the entire country. It is a step backward into a trustful society to wear such disgusting things that make a civilisation insecure. The normal veil/Ghimaar-Ghomaar is the only thing that is told by Islam to wear, but the niqab is utter shit to be very honest.

  3. @Medsha: how would you like it we decide we dnt like the way you dress up and force you to change it? Why is it that covering up is shitty but taking off isnt? As a woman I am tired of those who spend so much time fighting over what women should wear and shouldnt wear. Granted some women wear hijab or niqab because their husbands or fathers want them to do so but not all and even if the majority see the niquab as a shitty thing banning it will only make the number of women wearing it increase.
    I dnt like the niqab and its not obligatory in my opinion and i dnt cover my hair but I would protest an attempt to force a girl wearing it to take it off. Also, the girl was wearing it only when the Sheik came in i.e. when there were men around and she said I know he is right its not obligatory but i didnt want to take off.
    Im sure we have far more pressing issues than deciding what women should or shouldnt wear and those who support that form of general ban need to realize that one day the same method could be used to force them to cover up. Personal freedoms should be defended and protected as a principle not as a tool to force those who do not follow the general public to change more important a healthy society is one that can respect and sustain diversity and where a person is judged by his/her actions and thoughts and not the way he/she dresses.

    There is already a court ruling against AUC regarding niqab and if this was made in the form of a general ban it wont stand in a court of law. Im a staff member in Cairo University and its common practice that the girls are asked to identify themselves to female staff members or guards.

    Tantawi needs to go a) its not the first tantrum he has b) its not the first time he reveals how he lacks basic principles of discussion and defending his point of view this time taking his anger out on a young girl and before using curse words. c)the man can not be a representation for the highest authority for Sunni Muslims. d) before he preaches about accepting the other and peace with others he needs to learn how to approach his fellow citizens and muslims e) the man can not be on top of an educational institute he just showed he lacks on the very basic principles of education.

  4. 11 years old? No comment really!

  5. انا شايف ان الست او البنت، ليها كل الحق في انها تلبس النقاب لو حتى وهي نايمة طالما انها مقتنعة بيه ومش مستنية لا شيخ الازهر ولا شيخ الجامع عشان يخلع عنها نقابلها بدعوى انها بين بنات او مش بنات!

    للجميع الحق في انه يلبس زي مهو عاوز وفي اي مكان، وللأمن الحق في انه يستكشف امر اللي داخل واللي خارج، من المدينة الجامعية لو كانت دي اللي تعباهم جامد.

    اما النقاب بقى، فرض، تقليد، تخلف، فده ليس لأحد ان يقرره الا من ترتديه.

  6. @ Anonymous:

    I do not mind what people wear or not. But some things cannot be done. If your statement is really true and you believe in it for 100%, then you would not mind at all if people walk naked on the street. I do not want to be offending to be honest but such a thing just indicates insecurity.

    You will not know or ever know who that perosn in front of you is. Scamming accidents increase, thefts increases and many other things can be done... Even fugitives can hide in that awful thing. And what about it if a man sees you? It is not the end of the world... Is it? Men have seen all those women for their entire life and just follow the hype to wear such "garbage bags" to cover their face in order to avoid "Fitna" or whatever kind of excuses they can think of. This indicates the high rate of "Ga7l" as well if all people think this is related to religion or whatsoever and permit such things to be wear. This also indicated that there is a lot of doubtness in such a society. You will not trust your neighbour and not your brother or any other family members. You do not even trust your daughter if you obligate her to wear such crap in fear of doing something wrong, you even doubt yourself for not raising her in a proper way.

    A civilisation can only exist if people behave normal to each other and trust each other. If a person thinks that she can be raped because she is not covering her face, then that indicates something very awful.

  7. IQ, is she a teenager or still a kid? if you made ur choice as a teenager then also she can make her choice as a teenager wala eh?

    Tantawi gave an interview to Al Ashera Massan where he claimed he is aginst young girls i.e. kids wearing hijab or niqab if the issue was presented as such I'm sure more ppl would support him (me included). They should ban hijab or niqabs of kids but let girls who are no longer kids but teenagers choose. If that was his real intention why was the decision the Azhar eventually announced different?

    Also, more work should be done with parents to make them realize that they cant choose for their teenage girls or force their kids to cover up.

  8. Anonymous 13:48
    What's exactly the choice I've made when I was a teenager?


    His decision is spreading where it was not much of an issue.

  10. @Medsha:

    Clearly my words are concerned with wearing it out of choice so, Im against forcing it on her and forcing her not to wear it.

    I agree to some extent with you regarding the trust in the society point but at the end of the day you can not just force your point of view on others and trust doesnt come just by being able to see each others faces and their are far more pressing reasons for the already growing mistrust in the society. Also, even though I dnt see it as real protection or solution, isnt it a fact that sexual harassment is rampant? can you really blame some women or their families when they think covering up would lessen their chances of getting harassed? More important, Ppl are different and do the same thing for different reasons and do not do the same thing also for different reasons. I have friends who wear the hijab because they see it as a way to do more for God (which is how I see it), others who wear it because its a fard w/o much thinking or discussion and a 3rd group who wears it because they agree with the woman's body is a source for fitna idea. They are all doing the same action but for different reasons.

    When there is an issue that has to do with personal freedoms and members of the society disagree about it its up to courts to decide whether exercising that particular aspect of personal freedom would sufficiently adversely affect a public policy end or not. There are already at least 2 court rulings on the issue one concerning a lady and another one concerning kids sent to school wearing hijab or niqab. The rulings are different for very obvious reasons. Why didnt the Sheikh take note of the rulings before issuing the decision?

    If the issue was approached as a security issue it would have been different. More important, had the issue been presented as banning forcing kids at Al-Azhar schools to wear it and hijab as well it wouldve been a great decision rectifying an existing unfairness against some girls. In the end the decision that was issued did not bring any thing new at all, especially since at Unis there are already ways to identify those covering their faces during the academic year as well as during exams.

    As for walking around naked, it has been settled in all countries that it is against public decency rules so, that point is mute.

    Now another sad aspect of this recent row is that I ve noticed that those supporting what happened didnt really care for the behavior of the Sheik, which defies the most basic principles of da3wa, education and respectful human interaction and all that against a young girl!

  11. I am just wondering when will we concentrate on the 'Osool' like we do on the 'Froo3' in our country?!

    p.s. I see thast your blog got a new retouch for the template if I am not wrong so congrats on the new template updates :)


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