Thursday, November 12, 2009

Egypt Vs. Algeria : The Other Side of The Coin

Forget Haikel’s suggestion , forget ElBaradei’s presidential candidacy , forget the increasing rate of H1N1 infection among students in schools not to mention the fears from vaccination, forget about the reports from inside and outside that every sector in our country is falling apart and forget the fact that the grand Eid is on the door and the meat prices are going up crazily that some Egyptians fear that may turn vegetarians  in it ……forget all that and starts to pray from now till next Saturday that Egypt will be qualified to the world cup 2010 in South Africa.
I understand very well that football is the opium of the masses in Egypt and you do not need to tell me how football is used in Egypt to divert the public’s attention , the majority of the public. I know that this dangerous enthusiasm is an indicator of huge despair and anger ; they are searching for pseudo victory in some field even if it is a temporary pseudo victory as they know we will lose in the world cup finals if we go there from the first or second match !!
But what about Algeria, the other side of the coin ??!!?? I think what we suffer from in Egypt is the same from what the Algerians are suffering from in Algeria ; we are too close and similar more than you can think.
Algeria is suffering from the similar problems that we have in Egypt leading to anger and despair. They are headed by sick president who refuses to leave his place , an army that controls the country, ghost of terrorism moving around and youth that want to leave the country in every possible way because of the economic conditions !!
Egypt and Algeria suffer from the same thing : The absence of democracy and justice. They had a great heroic history , live in unpleasant present and fear uncertain future.
The Egyptians and Algerians love their countries so much and are extremely angry that they feel helpless in front all these challenges  despite they are not ; they just need a strong motive , strong and real motive not a pseudo match for 90 minutes.
By the way here are the photos of the queues in front of the big game’s tick outlets in clubs in Egypt , men and boys stood there from the early morning also the anti-riot police were there from the morning.
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  1. thank for this...
    I'm algerian and I agree 1000%

  2. This makes me regret never having having gone to a football match while living in Egypt. Probably not your intention! I find the Algeria comparison sad, but I also trust Egypt never has to go through what they have.

  3. the egyptian film 1-0 comes to mind during these times.

    i wonder if whomever wins and the ensuing masses congregate if that could ever lead to something more than joyful celebrations.

    i wonder if the government wonders the same thing

    i wonder if the goverment has wondered this, that what wonders they have in store for the people lurking in the streets, ready if need be

  4. I wish all the luck for both teams ,so whoever deserve to win will win.That's all.

  5. Yes we do like football we actually love it but we're not stupid . I'm Algerian and I will always love my fellow brothers from all over the world
    My message to the media .....Please stop it , Fear ALLAH it's only a game of football after all.
    You want to do something good in your careers ??
    You're in the media field , EDUCATE PEOPLE

  6. today was really a sad and shameful day for the Egyptians people! The fans forget themselves that they acted like thugs to the Algerian players by throwing stones at the bus and injuring the players before game! Shame on the Interior Minister that cannot protect one single bus to travel only 500 metres from Airport to the hotel for the Algerian team. Where is the sport spirit of the Egyptians people and where is the hospitality of the Egyptian people which are well known for it coz I hate to say this we have a lot of Israeli come and spent time in all over Egypt but not a single being touched or injured at the same time we turn on our brothers in islam because of 'football match'! As far as I remembered there were not a single Egyptian football players were hurt when they played the first match in Algeria!!! what a shame!!!!

  7. I was on transit in Cairo on Nov. 14 and was struck by the strong ill expression the Egyptians had for the Algerians. One could sense a boiling anger waiting to be hysterically released at anything Algerian. There shall be no development, human or otherwise, for as long as masses of people oppressed by the daily hardships of life vent out their frustrations on a scapegoat sacrificed on the altar of sports. I thoughts the Egyptian nation to be grander. My disappointment is equaled by my painful consternation. Once more, politicians have managed to divert the people's attention from what matters most.

  8. WTF?
    First of all i didn't read all the comments nor the whole article but i'd like to assure the guy who said that not a single Egyptian player was hurt in algeria the first match is completely WRONG!!
    They put poison in our Egyptian players food just before the match, that's how it all started.
    Ofcourse you don't know anything because your media only says the wrong things about us and hides the TRUTH!
    Then, when the algerians came to Egypt here, they broke the windows of the bus,put fake blood on their faces and check the pictures online man!
    The bus driver said that it was algerians who broke the bus!
    No algerians were hurt after the match here what-so-ever.
    On the other hand, the algerians so-called-football fans in Sudan came out of prison directly to the airport! bought all the knives from sudan and intimidated the great Egyptian fans who went there throwing knives, huge bricks and breaking the buses even after they won the match
    Egyptians would have been killed if we won.
    they burnt our flag also =/
    i only have two questions..
    where is all that hatred coming from?!
    In which century do algerians live in terrorising Egyptians citizens in algeria and breaking down Egyptian companies there?!
    at this moment, as an Egyptian i have no respect for you algerians, until something changes.

  9. @Anonymous,
    This poison thing sounds like the only excuse to justify the fact that they lost the match.

    If the Egyptian authorities agreed that the bus attack happened, the whole world and even the FIFA believing it, video tapes from neutral journalists proving it, and apologized for this event being the fact of some exited young fans, things would have got calmed down.

    About the attack with knives in Khartoum, there are also proofs (from al jazeera for instance) that it did not happen and that it is complete lie.

    This is all about political manipulation, the egyptian govt trying to find an hypothetical alternative * enemy to heat the national feelings to make the succession go through with no opposition.

    Alternative enemy because they cannot face the real one, just east-north egypt.

  10. I'm The anonymous person you replied to who started with WTF..
    i didn't get what you were trying to say about the Egyptian Authorities..
    Anyway me and some other Friends of mine were wondering if everything is going to stay that way..
    If you algerians will hate us more and more...
    what if some of us wanted peace..will it happen?!
    things are getting ugly and the rest of the world are probably laughing at us.

    and WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP SAYING THAT CRAP about the enemy who's just east-north Egypt!?!!!!
    we Hate and despise them..why do you keep saying that! that's what you're media is feeding you people!
    and don't get me started about that because i got news from an algerian person saying that rawrawa or whatever the name is..HIS father is a jew and buried in ISRAEL!
    i don't know if you're gonna be back to see this reply but please answer my questions..

    P.S. we made a petition and other files and soon enough you'll hear something about that.

    Aljazera is a big fat hypocrite, who always make us seem like the bad guys in every possible way!
    that's why i never watch it


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