Monday, November 2, 2009

From Cairo With Love To Algiers

Yesterday was the 55th anniversary of the Algerian Revolution of independence aka the Algerian war , I really would like to share our Algerian brothers and sisters their pride with this great occasion . It is not a great independence war in our Arabic history or African history only but also in the modern world history ; it was not an easy mission to liberate a country from 132 years of colonization !!

Personally I love this war because my grandfather had covered that war and as my 84444870grandmother described it , it was very intense and scary because he was with the FLN in the mounts , he made interviews and reports about Gamila Bouhird and I remember how he used to tell me that she was a beautiful young girl  who was badly tortured because she defended her country. I am astonished at how the Western media is ignoring such woman , of course in the current world diction she would be considered as a terrorist !!

Ahmed Ben Bella was dear friend to my granddad , he is from the people that I wish I would meet them one day ,a truly nationalist icon.


Egypt proudly participated in this war and I think it was from the few achievements of Nasser. By the way I once read that President Mubarak was arrested in Morocco for smuggling weapons to the FLN using the Moroccan skies !!?? I do not know if that rumor was true or not , hopefully it is true as it is an honor to do such thing if you ask me.

I want to apologize to all the Algerians for the insults of those idiot hooligans in Egypt against them and their country , screw the world cup 2010 if it will make us lose Algeria.

I really wish that I would have remember this occasion earlier , I remember that I saw couple of raw photos from my granddad’s archive from this war ; hopefully one day I will upload them.


  1. "screw the world cup 2010 if it will make us lose Algeria" you got that right!!

  2. Before you feel sorry for them they should feel sorry for us. I'm not a soccer fan, thank God. But if they Egyptians are "idiots" because they are attacking the Algerians then it's a reaction to their attack on Egypt. You're a blogger, you should know that they started attacking us in their newspapers and media for years, not just this time, while that's our first time to reply back "NOT attack but reply back". So trust me if the idiots out there stoped the idiots here will shutup. Screw worldcup if it will make us lose each other, that I agree with.

  3. Even though I believe the Algerians are the reason in the counter attack which is lunched in Egypt against them I've came through this page which has some facts about the relation between Algeria and Egypt which I believe is worth reading to show both, Algerians and Egyptians, that the relations between the two countries is deeper than that.

    Here's the link

  4. Thanks Mostapha, i was just coming in to post that link...
    People really need to think this over...are 90 minutes of some GAME really worth stepping on all this history between us!! the sad thing is that empty minded "hooligans" -as zeinobia described them- from both countries who comprehend nothing of this history or the value of this much needed solidarity will instantly fire back "anything for the worldcup" "this is a matter of life or death here" !

  5. @anonymous, good to know that I am not the only one.

    @Mostapha Zaza, I know what was mentioned in this page years before publishing it , now I am glad to know that our relations are more than 90 minutes match.

    @anonymous#2, what is worse is that we have never been qualifiers for the Cup !!
    Seriously speaking those hooligans of both countries I am afraid the result of the wrong general politics in Algeria and Egypt


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