Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Game Night

You may have noticed that I do not post as usual , well as you may have known Egypt after few hours is going to play with Algeria and this has been the main event in the country for days now especially in the past 48 hours after the claims of the Algerian national team that they have been assaulted. “The general prosecution found out that they were fabricating the whole issue and the Algerian team admitted that they were the one who destroyed the bus from inside , of course it is too late as we are the bad villains” 

From two days ago I said that I will not cover the match but I could not keep myself , I am part of this society and I will be lying if I say that I am not affected by all what it is going on.

I wrote couple of posts which I think I will publish after the match because honestly I do not think my Egyptian readers will be interested to interact with anything except with the match and I respect that.

The match will start at 7 or 7:30 PM at Cairo Stadium which opened its doors to the audience since 12 PM CLT at. I know that it has closed its doors for the 3rd and 2nd degrees now. The prices of the 3rd and 2nd degrees reached to the moon  in the black market, do even think about the first degree.

Amzing Cairo Stadium 20 mins ago on Twitpic This photo was taken 20 minutes ago from Cairo stadium by Ziad

Egyptian flags are every where , it is a beautiful scene which I wish to see it more often. Egyptian flags are hanged everywhere on cars and on shops , on balconies and windows, in the hands of Children and adults is just a beautiful scene. Here are couple of photos I took with my mobile in the taxi in Mohendessin showing Egyptian flags.

The cars’ horns have not been silenced till last night. Cafes are booked from two days ago. Some people like me will stay at home. The Egyptian TV channels are celebrating the event as if it were the 6th of October anniversary , in fact more to be accurate !!!

Yesterday Cairo and Giza did not sleep because the people who decided to express their support to Egypt earlier than today. My late cousin had to walk on foot from Shooting Club to Zamalak at mid night because he could not find a single taxi !!

I wish we will win insh Allah but I know we will need a lot of effort because of the score issue. I know there is a lot of pressure on the Egyptian national team I can’t imagine it but they must know very well that this is what they do for living and they will rewarded very good if they make the Egyptian people happy for real tonight. Many people are expecting that the Algerian national team and its fans will provoke the Egyptian fans in order to have a fight and the match will be transferred from Cairo.

I will keep updated with the latest interesting news from Cairo.


  1. where does it say that the Algerian team admitted to faking the attack? Do you have a news source?

  2. Check Al Dostor daily , they claimed that they were provoked by the Egyptians outside the bus and went coco destroying it from inside.


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