Friday, November 13, 2009

Hats Off Mekki


After hearing provoking and insulting rap from both Egypt and Algeria attacking each other , Ahmed Mekki ; Egyptian-Algerian Actor/director/rapper released this song which I believe should have been released earlier as it could help a lot in making both sides wake up from this stupidity.

Mekki is born for an Egyptian mother and Algerian father and he is the younger brother of TV actress Inas Mekki.

Mekki is from the most successful young comedians in Egypt right , his latest film was a box office hit.

The Algerian press claimed earlier from two weeks that Mekki were suffering for being an Algerian in Egypt ; the thing which he totally has denied , Mekki with my all respect is very popular and very well known with his Algerian roots in Egypt more than in Algeria which I believe has not been introduced fully to his films or his character H. El-Dabour.

Here is the rap which we should understand well in both countries.

Hats off Mekki



  1. هو احمد مكي اصله جزائري؟

  2. Why didn't they make this earlier instide from stupid actions from both sides? Bravo Mikki although since I heared this stupid tensions I said "Amgad ya Arab" !

  3. معلومات جديده شكرا لك

  4. عار كبير اعتبار مباراة الجزائر موقعة حربية تمس نتيجتها الشرف الوطنى، هذا تفكير المجانين، ضحايا لوثة الكرة، فإذا كانت مصر قد شاركت بكل السلاح فى حرب استقلال الجزائر، فإن الجزائر قد شاركت بأغلى سلاح - الطائرات- فى حرب أكتوبر. إن مصر تفتح ذراعيها تحتضن فريق الجزائر الشقيقة حقا وفعلا، لأن مصر كبيرة وأكبر دائما من كل الصغائر....أحمد رجب

  5. IMHO this young man is going soon to be one of the leading artists in the Arab region...he deserves it.

  6. best of luck Mekki keep it up,i liked the song's words, you are the best.


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