Saturday, November 14, 2009

To Sudan

Egypt with love

I watched the game and I was so moved by the last minute goal that I was going to cry. I do not understand that much in football but I know that the Egyptian team played better than the Algerian team and that Algerian team was only wasting time and faking injuries in order to win without scores and go to the world cup with no effort. Well guess what after 4 day in Sudan insh Allah we will play again as we now are equal in scores.

I know that the coming match in Khartoum will be a like dead or life match for Algeria and Egypt but let’s be so ; whoever will represent the Arabs in world cup 2010 should prove that he is man enough.

I salute our great audience who did a great job in the stadium and I believe God did not want them to leave the stadium sad and this is why in the last minute came this great goal from Matab.

BY the way I am disgusted at the bias of Al Jazeera channel against Egypt after the game !! You know that proves the image the official media tries to spread about the Qatari that it hates Egypt and tries to down it with all possible ways. On the other hand I am working to get Amr Adib’s soft moments where he cried and dance on air.

It is not the end and I know it is just a silly game with a ball but seeing our people happy with the flag means so much to me in this depressing time.




  1. Mabrooooooooooooook for all of us

  2. الف الف مبروك :) وباذن الله ربي يكتب الخير للجميع دوما وابدا

    على الهامش : لم احب حلقة عمرو اديب اليوم واصراره في وضع مشاهد لجمال مبارك في المباراة اثناء الاحتفال عبر البث المباشر في قناة ليست حكوميه كما لم احب تصميم قبعة ارتداها شخص آخر معاه على شكل قبعة الامريكان ( قبعة العم سام )بينما احببت الرجل الذي يغني وعمته ولباسه الوطني فحسب وفي العموم لم اكمل الحلقة ولا ادرى لم اتت حلقة تعرضه للفريق المصري في بالي والتي اعتذر بعدها لكن لم اتفاعل معه بشكل او بآخر بينما اسعدني فوز الفريق وفرح اهل مصر فهم يستحقون ذلك

  3. alfa mambrouk to Egypt and i wish they scored more goals at first half of the game so that dont have to go to Sudan to play the third match! insyallah Egypt will win! I wish Shehata put Meteeb and Barakat on the first half rather than Amr Zaki!

  4. our future president (insh) was moved on the stand! he was so moved he looked like he was about to cry next to his brother.

  5. @Maree, mabrook for all

    @Yazad , you mean Ahmed Moussa and that hat "I got one of those" they are not bad but it looks bad on him. He is a big hypocrite to the interior ministry , so terrible he adores Mubarak and son. Al Ahram crime pages which he heads turned in to ......... honestly I could not stop laughing when I saw him in this hat dancing so ..
    The other guy is Siyad El-Shaar , I saw this guy singing live and he is so cheerful
    Gamal Mubarak scenes are everywhere , I do not know why they did not get the scenes of his little nephew jumping and hugging Alaa Mubarak it was much better , Gamal Mubarak has no charisma with his smug
    Al Qahera Al Youm is well known to be indirect official channel by the way
    @ anonymous , did u see when they hugged each other.

  6. Congratulations to the Egyptian team!



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