Egyptian Chronicles: Nadya Suleman’s Brother

Friday, November 27, 2009

Nadya Suleman’s Brother

Thank God again that Tareq Salahi is not that proud of his Arabic roots just like  ; it is a relief. Yes Salahi is a member at the American task force on Palestine which organizes Polo matches for the cause but I can’t consider a real American Arab !! I bet he joined this organization only to organize this Polo matches.

For crashing on a State dinner in the White house like that is alarming ; attending the White house dinner without an official invitation and going there like this require a lot of nerve !!?? From a security point of view I know some people are going to lose their jobs !! Man I can’t imagine something like that to happen in Egypt with all the security frenzy to protect Mubarak so you can imagine to find out that it happened in the White house ; in a dinner attend by Barack Obama with all the threats surrounding him !!

Still I love the fact that Joe Biden was smiling like an idiot between the Salahis



Did Salahi speak with Emmanuel about the Peace process in the Mideast !!??


The Salahis are just like Nadya Suleman in their own way.

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  1. Z! why do you cherry pick your stories on western arabs! you've deliberately ignored Dr Hasan of the US army, yet you chose to pickup the story on these 2 clowns?

    i understand that a post on Major Hasan would have been hard to report and analyze but that's what true journalists do!

    ps you've really let me down by dropping the hasan story and picking up this circus sideshow!

  2. Dear Rana, I am very sorry that I have let you down but I ignored Major Hasan because I do not understand what , why and how this could happen or how it will be used.
    It became much easier to speak those American Arab freaks than to analyze something like especially you do not what is true from what is false.
    I do not want to let anybody down but honestly those idiots made me laugh after two weeks of feeling down thanks to our regime which let us be humiliated because of a soccer game :S

  3. @ Rana and also Kol Sana Wanty Tayeba in Eid

  4. wentee tayeba!

    but the fact that you could have weighed in with a middle eastern perspective would have been interesting and helpful, but that is just my opinion.

  5. Hehehe, how funny, i'm Tarek Salah! lol..

  6. Rahm Emanuel is mayor of Chicago now. WOW.


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