Monday, November 30, 2009

Remembering Princess Ferial Farouk


Princess Ferial Farouk has passed away today at 7 AM in Switzerland. She was 71 years old ; she had just celebrated her 71st birthday from couple of weeks ago , her birthday was a real big event in Egypt ; the eldest daughter of the beloved royal couple. Up till now that event is remembered historically by those who saw the big celebrations of the little princess ; despite the fact she was not a baby boy but the celebrations accompanied her birthday were so great that the foreign press spoke about it

Princess Ferial lived a long tough life , I know some of you will be amazed at the choice of the word “tough” well with my all respect unlike the rest of her sisters and her brother she had seen it all. She saw the peak of her father rule and his awful fall along with the end of her family rule to Egypt. She was the baby girl her mother and father adored and loved. She was the little princess whom the Egyptian people watched growing on the magazine covers along her sisters. She was the little girl who woke up one day to find out that life inside the Royal palaces was not truly a bless and her parents could not live any longer with each other after a lovely young love. She was the eldest daughter who saw her father wedded to a young bride older than her by few years. She was the eldest daughter who chose to go with her father to exile despite she may not understood what it really meant on that day in hot July.She was that teenage girl that for the first time in her life walked in a real street and bought  an ice-cream from a real ice-cream parlor just like commoners only in exile ; she was that teenage girl that felt happy that she escaped the big Royal prison to freedom with no real understanding  for the price she and her family had forced to pay to become commoners. She was that young lady who found herself responsible of her brother ; the young king of Egypt and younger sister after the sudden enigmatic death of her father. She was the woman who took after her younger sister till her death than after few years she lost her other sister suddenly with no warning or any other thing. She was the woman who saved her young brother ; whom she used to hold him in her hands when he was a baby .

Citizen Ferial Farouk suffered a lot , she was not that princess from fairy tales; in fact in her interviews she seemed to dislike the life behind the royal palaces.

Princess Ferial was among the people that I wished to meet and interview and honestly I tried to reach to her through my connections ; I wanted to meet her next time she would visit Egypt but God had better plans for her. I am so happy that some of her last visit to Egypt’s photos were provided to me to publish for the first time in the Egyptian blogsphere “Thank you so much dear Omar and I will never forget this”

I think God gave her the opportunity to see again the memory of her family revived in Egypt ; monarchy is not coming back but gratitude and respect are coming back. The last time she came her , she was received in a very welcoming warm way.

Princess Ferial Farouk had one daughter Yasmine from her marriage ; Yasmine is half Egyptian-half Swiss and is currently married and living in Egypt. Her husband is the grandson of famous Egyptian feminist Huda Sharawy. Yasmine is from the active  members in the society in keeping up the Mohamed Ali Royal heritage live and preserved a long time of neglect

I am not her remembering as a princess of a royal family but also a strong woman who managed to stand out against all those hardships.

May Allah bless her soul , please remember her in your prayers regardless of your faith.


  1. Inna lilahi wa ina ilaihi rajiun. My wife and I are very sad and shocked but she is always in our heart and prayers. May Allah swt forgive her sins and place her soul in Jannah insyallah. A truly princess and we will forget her and her family.

  2. Dr. Magdy Shamy11/30/2009 02:58:00 PM

    May God bless HRH Princess Ferial. May God forgive Al Ahram newspaper and the famous Anis Mansour for not being accurate in mentioning HRH age, they said almost 74, while she was only 71. This is how we respect Egyptian history.
    Dr. Magdy Shamy

  3. الله يرحمها انشاء الله بنت الاصل


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