Sunday, November 29, 2009

Breaking News: RIP Ferial Farouk

I have just known that princess Ferial Farouk,the eldest daughter of late king Farouk and queen Farida has passed away today. I feel so because I had hope that she would conquer the cancer as she had done before. May God bless her soul. Wait for more coverage

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Updates : 
  • The late princess may God bless her soul has passed away in Switzerland today at 7 AM. 
  • Her funeral will be held next Tuesday at the Rafai Mosque where she will be buried along with the rest of her family 
  • President Mubarak has sent his condolence to the former King and his family ; he also has ordered our Embassy in Bern to give all the help they can provide to her family. 
  • This was a very tough year on the Egyptian Royal family 


  1. I just know about this too although few news agencies announced because it is still a fresh topic at ~ 4:45 GMT. RIP and may Allah (god) bless her soul

  2. Livre de condoléances, Condoléances book, دفتر التعازي

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  4. Very sad news.
    She was a great and elegant Lady!
    I enjoyed watching her in the few interviews she gave lately.

    Farewell Ferial Farouk, may you Rest In Peace.

    Your admirer, Fouad
    (born in 1952 and named by my parents after the then newborn King of Egypt.)


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