Monday, December 28, 2009

Let’s Speak “National Security”

The Egyptian regime officials are speaking day and night that this iron wall we are currently building on our borders with Gaza is a matter of ‘National security’ and ‘Egypt has all the right to do whatever she wants in her territories.

I absolutely believe that Egypt has all the right to do whatever it wants in our territories and it is no one’s business what we want to build in our land whether it is a wall or a fort but if we are going to speak about National security then I hope that our officials will be much more serious, responsible and for once in their lives to be honest with us.  

Those who defend the wall says that it will protect Egypt from the plans of both Israel and America to replace the Palestinians in Sinai especially after what happened in January 2008 when 700,000 Gazans crossed our borders. I understand this view and I respect it , in fact I know that this plan does come and go in the American , Israeli and even in the Arabic minds in order to solve the Palestinian cause for once and for all. Sinai is a desert only used in the South for tourism , the Palestinians can take the North and have a country for their own and the Egyptians can take the South. This is well known scenario Egypt has fought for a long time and we must be careful from it, I totally agree on but building this wall will not stop this scenario alone.

If you want to protect Sinai from any possible invasion from anyone then you must have a real long term national security strategy not a very short limited one only to stop smuggling tunnels in Gaza.

First of all if you want to stop the smuggling problem in Sinai with all its kinds starting from cows to weapons to drugs to humans than you must build this wall from the North in Rafah to the Taba in South. What bothers me is not the weapon smuggled in tunnels to Gaza only but also the human and drug trafficking taking place on our borders with Israel. It has become a weekly routine to read that the Egyptian security has killed one or two African illegal immigrants who are thinking that Israel is the real Utopia. Part of the drugs problem which is a matter of national security is our borders with Israel and last week Egypt deported two Israeli drug dealers after being caught in our territories , of course if the opposite has happened in Israel our drug dealers would be now in prison. I do not understand why do not we complete this protective wall to the south.

Second the wall is just a short term plan , it will not even protect Sinai from a military invasion. If you want to protect Sinai , then you must rethink about the demographics of the peninsula. It is a real matter of national security to revive Mohamed Anwar Al Sadat’s plan for Sinai. 

Third , our national security best interest is not in this siege forced on Gaza for years now. We are creating enemies all over the world in this way actually. From more than 50 years ago the regime had allies in Gaza now they can’t stomach us and this is dangerous. Not only in Gaza about around the Arab and Islamic world not to mention the rest of the world. Now there are calls across Europe to boycott the Egyptian products because of Gaza , can you imagine it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???  We have for sure the worst PR crisis but let’s remember we chose a wrong policy from the start. We are losing more and more from our popularity that our leadership in the region is built upon already and I am afraid our enemies want this to happen “ do you remember the day when we were popular !!??”

This is what should be done if we are speaking about ‘national security’ for real. I am afraid all indicators show that this wall will be in the benefit of Israel more than in Egypt.

Now regarding national dignity matter , well with my all respect we should not be angry from those speaking about us not only because our regime made a stupid decision but also because our national dignity is being insulted from everybody everywhere !!

Egypt has all the right to build whatever she wants in order to protect her national security not her regime’s security.


  1. Can you show even one piece of evidence that the US wants to put Palestinians in Sinai? If you can't, then you are just like all the journalists who make up stories because they "sound like they might be true, even if there is no proof." This is an Egyptian specialty.


  2. I absolutely believe that Egypt has all the right to do whatever it wants in our territories and it is no one’s business what we want to build in our land.

    You must build this wall from the North in Rafah to the Taba in South.

    Egyptian Racism has been brilliantly exposed, confirmed by "pro human freedoms and rights" Zeinobia herself. Gross!

    What is the difference between Zeinobia and an Israeli - there is no difference.

  3. @Anon:Its been an Israeli wish and repeated several times by several Israeli figures so, that is what matters as far as the US is concerned, plz let us knw when in the past 20 years did the yes say No to Israel? The US could not even live up to Obama's promises so far and without the US support Israel is nothing.

  4. @Anon 2:04 AM: Your argument does not make sense. There is no evidence to support the idea that America wants to see the Palestinians placed in Sinai, and if you can't show that the US government supports the idea (and, very importantly--a guy making some comment on TV is not necessarily stating a government position), then you shouldn't make that assertion.

    Arabs are waiting for some big fight between the US and Israel. That probably will not happen. But the US has put pressure on Israel; do you think they would have signed treaties with Jordan and the Palestians in the early 1990s, or left Gaza earlier this decade without US encouragement?


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