Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mr.President Please Tear Down This Wall

At first I did not want to believe the news despite all the indicators showed it was true : Mubarak’s regime which represents and rules Egypt is building an iron wall in the borders between Egypt and Gaza in order to stop the smuggling in to the sector

Here is the undisputed proof :


A photo from this ugly iron wall under construction.

I do not have to guess from where that steel came from : Ezz Steel.

I am not convinced with all those fake justification about sovereignty , again where is our sovereignty when Egyptians and tourists were kidnapped from our territories !!?? Where is our sovereignty when we are being humiliated by Prince Turk Al Soud and his notorious wife !!?? The word “Sovereignty” provokes me nowadays because simply we do not enjoy it anymore thanks to this regime so please enough of the sovereignty talk , let’s be honest and say that this wall is made for Israel’s security by American and French recommendations.

I know you will wonder ‘French’, what brought the French to our issue here ?? Well From few months the head of the French Military intelligence visited the borders area along with his Egyptian counterpart in a very rare announced occasion if I may say !! Since that news I began to suspect that France has a nasty role on our borders besides the American role of course to protect Israel.

Shall I say that we are losing our position in the Arab world because of these stupid decisions !!??

I think this iron wall matter should be approved by the parliament as in other democratic countries ,as Egyptian people we have the right to say what we think about it , we are not minor or naive. This single man show decisions made us go to hell for the past century and like Livni had said before :

Enough is enough


  1. France has a horrible debilitating and divisive colonial history.
    It still casts a long economic and power-brokering shadow over its former West African colonies.
    Google Omar Bongo and see what France's involvement in that oil rich country has reaped.
    It is heavily involved in the Darfur crisis, hosting the only rebel leader who has consistently refused to negotiate with the government and inviting him as a guest of honour in its political rallies.
    French readers should all get a copy of 'Le Monde selon K' - K being Kouchner the current Foreign Minister who was the pioneer of military humanitarian intervention in Biafra in Nigeria in the 60's and Iraqi Kurdistan in the 90's.
    Nothing that comes out of French foreign policy would surprise me - nothing at all.

  2. France is doing everything it can in dividing Algeria and Morocco over Western-Sahara.

    Also France is waging secret war in Central Africa, where people flee to Darfur (The conflict which doesn't lack eggagerating in the mainstream media)

    Please, google article: Inside France's secret war

    Written by Johann Hari (The Independent)

  3. Egypt and Israel must defend against Hamas terrorists.
    Greetings from mar del Plata city

  4. Why my message was not published?

    I wrote that France is dividing our countries and is doing everything it can in dividing Algeria and Morocco by using the Western-Sahara conflict.

    You should also defenetely check an article from Google:

    Inside France's Secret War (by Johann Hari)

    Only few are aware of the conflict in the Central-Africa and France's role in it. Fightinh goes often so hard that people flee from Central-Africa to Darfur, which is overmediatizes in the "Western" mainstream media.

  5. Pues que vayas tu a Israel a defenderla en lugar de pasarlo bien dando opiniones de tan lejos!

  6. Egypt has every right to build a fence on any of its borders. There is no reason not to build such a fence along the Gaza border, especially if we consider the presence of terrorists and smugglers in that area. If Israel and the USA want to help, then that's great.

  7. Anon, israel and the US and EU are the ones behind this whole issue. I do not like Hamas, and I tend to believe news that some of its leaders are profiting from the tunnels and that the tunnels are used to smuggle all sorts of things including weapons and drugs but the fact is Hamas was democratically elected and our regime should not let its personal feelings towards that type of political parties get in the way of helping the Palestinian ppl.
    We have every right to secure borders but we have a humanitarian duty to open the crossing. If ppl are allowed to secure their needs openly through the crossing no one will want use the tunnels except for those using it for illegal uses. Egypt couldve simple made a strong case to the int media w evidence that the tunnels are being misused and how Hamas and Israel bear the responsibility for not reaching an agreement that could allow for the crossing to function properly and how other countries w borders and not doing their job in shouldering this humanitarian issue. Egypt couldve made an appeal that it is going to get rid of the tunnels but it is also going to open the crossing for humanitarian aid and needs and ask for World support, no one wouldve been able to say one word against us then.
    As for the US and Israel helping, the never help unless its something that negatively affects us. Israel was the one to publish news of the wall. Israel is the only one to gain from more rift among Arabs.
    @Marcelo: Israel is an occupier and illegally holds lands that does not belong to it. Israel is the one behind all these problems and they have no ground for what they are doing. Hamas as much as I dislike their policies are at least trying to defend their own land and ppl in the way they perceive as correct. Israel and those who support her are only defending occupation. Dream on, as far as most Egyptians are concerned we will never see eye-to-eye with Israel and if any thing such incidents make the ppl dislike Israel and those who support her even more.

  8. Anonymous,

    You said that "As for the US and Israel helping, the never help unless its something that negatively affects us."

    The way I see it, Israel and the USA are helping because it is in their best interest, not because it negatively affects Egypt. It is not about how to harm Egypt, it is about how to benefit. And when there is common interest and common benefit, there should be cooperation.

  9. Gaza Freedom March is determined to break the siege
    1,360 International Delegates appeal to Egypt to let the March proceed

  10. @marcelo:

    go to hell :)

    you conquer their lands and kill the women and children with cold blood... and then, you expect them to do what? beg for your mercy??

    i doubt it..

    one day, i hope, i will have a role in freeing this conquered land

    hamas are no terrorists, they are simply people defending their people you jerk


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