Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nawal Zeinab Saadawi 2011

Nawal Saadawi’s supporters and fans want her to  run  for Presidency again in 2011 . There is a group in Facebook calling her to run for the post and also calling for People's support. It is strange especially that the woman has not hinted from near or far her intention to run for presidency in this election unlike Dr. ElBaradei for example.

With my all due respect I do not see or imagine Nawal as a President , in fact she knows that very well too but as I said before it is all about the media coverage which will give her an opportunity to express her ideas in public more and more. It is like the last time she announced that she would run for presidency.  I respect her call for a civilian secular society despite I am disagree in certain points wit her , I also respect the loyalty of her fans and supporters but we must be more realistic. Unfortunately Nawal Saadawi is considered a crazy old woman in the eyes of the majority in Egypt , I am talking about average Mohamed not the intellectuals and I do not think that no one will disagree with me in this regardless of what you think about her and I do not think that 2 years or even less if we have early elections will make the majority of Egyptians re-think again.

If you ask me Nawal or Gamal Mubarak , I will abstain , if you ask me Gamal or Nawal or ElBaradei , I will choose ElBaradei.


  1. What if El Baradei and Moussa whom will you vote for?


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