Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Revolt in Hagana

Ezabat Al-Hagana is just an area from the various areas you do not usually hear about in the media despite its catchy name. We suddenly found ourselves today in front of huge war in it between the people from one side and the government represented in Police forces from another side.

It turned out that the government started in demolishing the houses of those people living in this area , the government began to demolish about 28 residential towers “not really towers” in this area because they suddenly found they were registered after a whole decade !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????By the way this number seems to be untrue because the residents are speaking more than 28 buildings are to be demolished.

I began to read about this crisis which seems to be going for a while , it seems that the government wants to transfer the shanty towns residents to this area and do not ask me how if this area is fully occupied !!I also read from the residents of the area that the government or rather some businessman wants the land which worth a fortune as it is in Madinat Nasr.

The issue is not about the late unneeded reaction of the government more than about what happened later as the people refused to comply to the orders of the government and let the municipal workers to demolish their buildings , they began to protest and as usual the government let the police to handle the matter ; it ended by a disaster.

Today the police sent their anti-riot forces which used tear gas and a man was killed during the protest , of course the quick autopsy ruled out the possibility that the anti-riots forces were innocent from his death but of course his family and the people in the area believe otherwise and they are extremely furious. They believe that he was shot by the forces.

There was some kind of revolt before announcing this man’s death , then it turned in to a war between the people of Ezabat Al Hagana from one side and the police from another side. The angry people managed to attack the police station there and injuring dozens of police officers and soldiers not to mention to burn police vehicles. It was a tough day for the police for sure.

Below a group of videos, fresh videos from the area itself taken by one of the residents there. They will show you how terrible things are there.

This video was when the protest was peaceful , people were calling for Mubarak.

I must  warn the readers who know Arabic that there is explicit language in the following video

The gentleman in the first part was in the protest and he filmed hours from the clashes. Yes he said strange things at the beginning from stupid warning that they got biological weapons but I think if you were in his shoe , you will be probably angry and shaken at the same time  ; your State is your enemy !!!


This was before the clashes.

This is a televised report from 10 PM show on Dream TV which includes a footage for the police station and the police forces under the attack.

I believe after few hours we can have more clashes there as people there are promising the government a protest , not a peaceful protest.

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  1. طبيعى جدا
    كل واحد يأخد حقة بأيده
    طالما الحكومة مشغولة بحاجات اهم من حياة الناس
    انا اللى قاهرنى الأخ الى القى خطبة مفوهة فى مقدمة الفيديوهات
    نفسى افهم فين رئيس الدولة وحيتحرك امتى ؟
    حاجةتحزن والله
    حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل
    ايه اللى باقى بس


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