Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sicko : Egyptian Version

Have you seen Michael Moore’s Sicko ?? If you do not , then I must recommend that you watch it , it is one of my favorite documentaries of all times. Now to describe  the Egyptian health care I will tell one simple sentence : It is much more worse than the American health care. In fact we do not have one to be accurate , we just have some kind of system , similar to everything falling apart in this country for the last 28 years.” Mubarak had the time to fix very well , we have more sources than Cuba before anyone can speak !!” Of course there is a current debate in the people’s assembly about the new health insurance law which no one understands anything not to mention  I doubt that the NDP government will present
I do not understand how some Americans are scared from the universal health care !!?? If they do not want the Obama’s health insurance system , we will take it ; we are in a desperate need for similar health insurance law for God sake , already we are fighting a vicious war for it in the country in vain unfortunately up till now.I know we follow the American policies in the region but there is no need to follow their national health system too !!! Already the new Obama administration wants a new health care,why could not follow them and France in this wonderful system !!?? I do not ask the government to give more holidays and send us nannies for new mothers , I am asking for proper health care system based on our taxes , we will be willing more and more to pay our taxes if we have a universal care system like in UK or France.
The poor should not be sick in this country.
In Sicko , Labor veteran Tony Benn said that there are two ways to control the people :

What he said regarding Democracy was true and God knows how much we need it.
You will not believe how sick this country has become in the past 28 years and I do not mean sick as sick of but really sick with almost all kind of diseases including huge depression that killing people silently !!
Here is the Tony Binn extra interview from Sicko‘s DVD , it is  a must see clip

N.B my grandfather’s sister has technically moved to Canada because of their universal health care system


  1. I do not understand how some Americans are scared from the universal health care !!??
    I don't wonder, actually with your current attitude you will never get it.

    As for Moore's comedy and the interview - it is interesting that fright and demoralisation have been exclusively used by labour/socialist parties all around the world.

  2. In re John's comment: Actually, in the US, fear-mongering has become the province of right-wing conservatives who are obsessively anti-labor and anti-socialist. Take a look at some of the health care protest signs accusing Obama of being a socialist.

    BTW Zeinobia, you write very well and I enjoy your blog. I found it while searching for some truth about what my country (US) is doing in Yemen. We are very weary of war and politicians here . . .

  3. Right-wing conservatives are guilty of the same crime, there is no difference between Bush and Benn. They both rob (taxaction etc) and enslave (liability for enlistment etc) people, their justification is just different.

    There is very very few pro-freedom republicans in the US

  4. John and Kate, It is painful for me to believe you are actually Americans born and raised in the U.S. On the other hand you are obviously supporters of Obama who along with an amazing number of leftist Czars is leading America right into third world status. What nation will provide assistance to the 3rd world when we become a part of it and can no longer afford to help?

  5. I just read John's blog ( )and apologize for lumping him with Kate. Obviously I had another John in mind. Happy New Year to one and all.


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