Egyptian Chronicles: Chinatown in Port Said

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chinatown in Port Said

Last week I read a news in some newspaper that a Chinese construction company is going to construct a whole new city in the Suez canal zone near Port Said. I do not know why I feel this news is related to the strange Chinese direction signs found in Port Said highways that surprised everyone on his way to the famous city. Youm 7 published a picture of the signs that have been removed or eve been justified by the traffic department at the ministry of interior or by  the goveronate.

As I hinted earlier I believe that Chinese town planned in the city may be related to these Chinese signs , it seems that soon enough we will wake up one day to find a Chinatown in Port Said
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  1. This is not bad, as long as it is organized and as long as we can keep the mobs out of it, I think it will be fine. Chinese are nice people. =)


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