Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Déjà Vu : Same Time Last Year

I remember that last year at the same time the whole world was protesting in front of embassies and our flags were burned not to mention the photos of Mubarak were torn and burned because of the war in Gaza.

It seems that we are going to see this sad scene again. Last Sunday Jordanians protested in front of our embassy again again burning the photos of Mubarak

Mubarak in Amman-2

Mubarak in Amman

Yesterday Mubarak met with King of Jordan Abdullah in Sharm El-Sheikh , I wonder if he knew that his photos were burned and stepped over in front of our embassy in Amman !!?

Mubarak and Abdullah II Listen you kid stop your people from burning my photos !!?? Do you hear that Trekkie!!??


  1. lol i like the photo comment Trekkie

  2. really the king of jordan is no better.
    still you are 80 million weak.
    all you do is whine and complain in taxi cabs and ask for tips from tourists and rip each other off instead of getting rid of a government that has encouraged that system of corruption.
    you call him ramses, then why not band together and get rid of him the way moses got the jews away from pharoah.
    the egyptian people get what they deserve if they refuse to fight for their basic rights.


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