Friday, January 8, 2010

Galloway Is A Persona Non Grata

George Galloway is officially a persona non grata in Egypt. He has been deported from the country and he is not welcomed anymore in Egypt.

It was obvious that the Egyptian regime was going to take this move especially with all the attack on Galloway in the official media. He is now officially blacklisted in the official and some of unofficial media too from Egypt above all club.

Already the man made it clear in Gaza that he will not step a foot again in Egypt as long as this regime is building this stupid wall on our borders.

Galloway in Gaza

I do not know if our regime remembers but Galloway last year once called the Egyptian army to rebel against Mubarak during the Gaza war , I think they do remember and they wait for a chance to deport him as they could not because he is a member of parliament in a humanitarian mission.  In fact remembering the reception he had received once in 2008 in Cairo airport I would say that he has been a persona non grata for too long

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  1. Mubarak is a disgraceful stain on the face of the Egyptian people. Egypt deserves better!


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