Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Misr Is Not Misreal

It became a regular thing in the Arabic blogosphere to find this term “Misreal” in posts attacking our regional policies and Mubarak. This term is a mix between “Misr” and “Israel” as you can see. It is not hard to understand why or how this term is used or was even invented but it is hard to see some people referring to Egypt , to Misr as “Misreal”.

Misr is not and will never be Misreal but I know that our regime is responsible for this term in the first and last place , it is our regime’s regional policies that made us look like traitors in the Arab world who are cooperating with Israel in its fight with the Palestinians.

when Mubarak became our president our Egyptian-Arabic relations were so bad and it is from his achievements that he returned back both our Arab relations and League of Arab states but now it seems that he will leave us again with bad Egyptian-Arabic relations not with the rulers this time but rather with the people.


  1. No country fought as we did against Israel last 60 years. No people lost as many young men as we did during these wars. There is even no people as reluctant as we are towards israel. Except Lebanese (and not Lebanon) who suffered a lot, and Syria, no other country can claim that they fought against them as we did.
    Countries that attack our country in media forget that without Egypt they wouldn't have been able to read and write arabic.
    This doesnt justify egyptian government unjustifiable position, but I am wondering what these countries really do to help Gaza, except blaming Egypt?

  2. @Sakrquraysh, my dear these countries do nothing , but it is easy to blame Egypt than to blame themselves in front of their people.

  3. it is not only the Mubarak regime that is responsible for this but also portions of the egyptian populace. recently in discussions with amira mohsen of nile tv she espoused her disdain for palestine and palestinians because, in her words 'they ruin egypt by using egyptian resources that must instead by given to egyptians.' now, this is one example but as she works as a journalist, it is that much more disgusting.
    Moreover, the idea that egypt fought hard on behalf of palestine is only a half truth, why else would arafat create his own army? hint, 'cause nasser gave poor equipment to soldiers in gaza. further, you egyptians have built a bloody wall around gaza and, as disgusting as amira's comments, al azhar provided a fatwa declaring this halal.
    in language egypt provides support and espouses pan-arab related sentiments for palestine, but in reality egypt does not help palestine but rather hinders it--look at the recent blockade of the gaza relief organisations trying to cross into gaza to provide real support, support that egypt ought to be given. finally, it is a well known truth that sadat sold out palestine for the selfish benefits of egypt.

  4. Do not think that this is a generaliztion !!?? You are speaking about Mohsen who does not express the views of the huge Egyptian population.
    regarding Al Azhaar , my dear it is well known a pro-government establishment that will say yes to whatever the regime says
    FYI historically Sadat did not sell out Palestine for the selfish benefit of Egypt, he invited the Arafat to Menahouse

  5. It is a generalisation, hence I note "this is one example..." Please read more carefully.
    If support for Palestine is as strong as you seemingly believe, then why does Egypt not provide a stronger, more determined voice for Gazans, in particular and Palestinians in general? Why did Egypt do NOTHING during the Jan onslaught that lasted over three weeks!


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