Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fake Check Up

I was so happy when premarital check up  have become mandatory according to the law, it gave me hope that people began to think in the right direction at last. But unfortunately for some reason I find out that it is a fake check up , no one is doing it for real !!

A friend of mine was going to get married from a couple of months ago , she went to a public hospital with her fiancé to get this certificate and both of them were ready to have serious check up. They were expecting to stay in the hospital for hours , well it took less than one hour actually because they did not have a real check up. Some doctors signed the certificate without getting up from their desks while other doctors who really cared asked them if they were feeling alright !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I checked about the matter further and I found out that you can have the certificate without going to the hospital if you know a doctor !!

I do not understand how things got to this level !!?? It is the mistake of both the ministry of health and the people themselves.

The ministry of health should highlight the importance of this check up by raising the awareness of the people and it also should force the doctors in its public hospitals to do their job for real.

The people from their side must understand the importance of this check-up and how it could saves lives literally  , STD destroys lives if they transmit to the to other . You also got the RH blood group tests too.

People must be keen to have this check up , it is their right. I know some people in some class especially men will be embarrassed from these check as if it is an insult to their manhood but it is beyond that I am afraid. There should be a real awareness campaign on this just like smoking and H1N1

Dear reader if you are going to marry , make sure to have a real pre-martial check , it is your right and more important the right of your future child.


  1. Have your parents done this checkup before they got married ??

    Can You even imagine if the certificate's results had a mistake? this could ruin a couple's life !!

    In my point of view, this is totally unnecessary as the health of a child and his parents is unseen (ghayb), we should NEVER depend on these tests, we should NEVER attach our life to such a test.

  2. Kindly please distribute this important link
    on follow up of Gaza War
    best wishes

  3. i did it here in alex, and it's not a fake. Also, i did blood and RH analysis.

  4. @anonymous , this has nothing to do with the unseen and God ordered us to be cautious. My parents did not do it because during their time there were no bad viruses and practices like now and guess what if there were tests in their time I am sure that they would do it.

    @Sonnet, great job and great report. This should be highlighted the side effects of Gaza war on the Gaza children and babies considering the fact that Israel loves playing with forbidden weapons

    @Heba , great to know that Heba , I was frustrated form the situation in Cairo

  5. Do these check-ups reveal abortion?


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