Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Naj Hammadi Christmas Attack Mystery

Forget the Naj Hammadi library , forget the famous sugar of Naj Hammadi and forget the famous aluminum of Naj Hammadi because now Naj Hammadi is famous worldwide for the brutal attack on Christians in the last Orthodox Church Christmas and its mystery.
Yes mystery surrounding the real reason behind the shooting. Despite its sectarian nature it seems that there may be other reasons involving the shooting itself , the result of the shooting for sure is sectarian and this may be what this shooting was aimed too.
Since late week there have been a huge contradicting statements from Naj Hammadi Bishop Kyrillos , the Orthodox Church in Cairo , the ministry of interior and the people of the City itself. Below my thoughts about the incident and they may be not well arranged and confused.
Right after the attack the ministry of interior claimed that it was related to the Farshut’s rape ,a local rape incident in Naj Hammadi that took place last November 2008 when a Christian man was accused of raping his Muslim friend’s 12 years daughter. Till the arrest of the shooters officially the motive was related to the rape incident despite there was an important forgotten or rather ignored facts:
1#The Naj Hammadi rape accused was already arrested according to what I read for fear that he would be killed according to the Upper Egypt’s traditions by the hands of this girl’s family
2#According to retaliation tradition laws in Upper Egypt the father of the girl or her brother is the one who should revenge for his daughter or sister’s honor from that man or his family only.
I do not know why no one is paying attention to these two important facts , may be because of the brutality of the shooting , may be because of its sectarian nature. Any how Kamoni was arrested along with his gang after 24 hours , already he was identified by the people there. An official convict and murderer who is being hired by NDP members. He was directly associated to Naj Hammadi MP El-Gol.
For days the ministry of interior did not declare the reason that made Kamoni and his gang attack innocent people like that , only from two days we knew that Mr. Kamoni was affected by the rape of the girl which was filmed and shared on mobile phones and decided not only to revenge from the rapist but from all Christians !! Now this is the official story , Kamoni is sensitive man who decided to kill all Christians in their feast after two months.
With my all respect I do not buy this story , Kamoni is not that man of honor to become angry for the rape of any girl !! Kamoni himself can rape any woman in front of him for God sake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We leave Kamoni and his gang aside and move to Bishop Kyrillos. I do not know why I feel that the Bishop knows more than what he is saying publicly.
 Bishop Kyrillos has changed his statements over and over accusing the media of changing his statements.
The Bishop said that he knew that there would be an attack on that day through threats and that was why he made the Christmas mass earlier than its usual time. In fact he believes that the attack was targeting him personally.
Why is he insisting on claiming that the attack was originally targeting him ? What did he know or does he know? Did he inform the Police about these threats he is claiming that he received ?? and if he did why did not the police take its precautions and send more police forces in front of Churches in the city !!?? There was only one soldier protecting the Church for God sake and he was killed !!
And if he is insisting the attack was targeting him at first ,why does the ministry of interior insisting on Kamoni's anger for the rape of that girl !!??
The bishop travelled to Egypt to meet the Pope who told him to go immediately to the authorities in the Governorate to report them exactly what happened despite he already was supposed to report them what he knew before meeting the Pope !!??
Bishop Kyrillos is not the only enigma in this mystery , we got also MP El-Gol too.
According to the people of Naj Hammadi and despite his denial Kamoni was the right wild hand of EL-Gol , who has been the representative of the city for decades. Kamoni can't do such act without the orders of his boss , why would El-Gol want to attack the Christians or even the Bishop if we believe the later's claims !!??
What is exactly between El-Gol and the Bishop to reach to this level ??
I believe there is something about El-Gol otherwise why Ahmed Ezz himself would travel all the way from Cairo to Naj Hammadi to meet the bishop even for 30 or 15 minutes !!?
Why do I have the feeling that El-Gol will not be running for the parliamentary elections this year !!??
Lots of questions with no answers and the Christians are angry in Egypt and they have to , I am angry myself. Why would 15 innocent people be killed in this cold blood on their feast outside their holy place ??
In fact why would the unity of whole nation be threatened in that way !!???
Lies and deception will only make it worse , this is a national security matter and the country seems to be falling apart.
Oh God protect this country and its people as usual from what is coming.


  1. اعتقد ان حادثة الاغتصاب حدثت في 2009 يرجي التصحيح
    وكذلك عدد الضحايا بالمصابيين كانوا 15 .. وان القتلي حوالي 7 إلا اذا كان الكل مات بعد ذلك ..
    الحوادث الغامضة في مصر كثرت ودوافعها مبهمة .. وستظل كذلك ..
    اتذكر سفاح المنيا ..
    حادثة مقتل ابنة المغنية وصديقتها في مدينة اكتوبر
    وغيرها من حوادث بجانب حوادث الخطف والاختفاء ..
    اعتقد ان الاسباب المعلنة غير الاسباب الحقيقة ..
    الشاهد ايضا ان مصر دخلت منعطف الانكفاء علي ذاتها وهناك محاولات حثيثة لقطع روابطها العميقة مع محيطها متمثل في علاقات باهتة مع السودان وتوتر مع سوريا وقطر وتحفظ وعدم مبالاة بالعراق .. وانحسار دورها في لبنان واخيرا افتعال ازمة مع الجزائر ..
    وبالداخل يتم بين الحين والاخر تفجير ازمات طائفية يذهب ضحيتها كثير من المصريين ..

    المؤشرات تدل بان هناك شيئ ممنهج في هذه السياسات والاحداث .. يقابلها من الجانب الاخر .. علانية دعم الصهاينة بلا خجل ولا تورية .. والرضوخ لهم وللامريكان .. مقابل دعم التوريث اللعين الذي جلب كل الشقاء والهوان علي المصريين ..

    فهل ما يحدث من افتعال ازمات خارجية وانحسار دورنا الخارجي وتفعيل ازمات داخلية طائفية هي امور يتم استعجالها لحدث جلل .. وهو تفكيك الدولة .. وهو يوافق هوي وخطط صهيوامريكية للمنطقة اعلن عنها ابان غزو العراق !!!

  2. @elBaradei Info, thanks for correction , it is true that it took place in 2009
    I agree with what you said, it is an old game and unfortunately it did not work in the past but it seems doing fine now

  3. مع اهمال الكثيرين للتفاصيل الحادث و سرعه لصق التهمه للعنف الطائفي , هناك التوقيت و من هو المستفيد :
    ــ موقع نجع حمادي , لايمكننا استبعاد ميحدث في الاقصر

    ــ الرئاسه المصريه و التورييث و تعالي الاصوات عاليه بالتعديل الدستوري و الانتخابات الحره و خصوصا بعد الاهتمام الشعبي بد البرادعي

    ــ الخلافه داخل الكنيسه المصريه

    ــ غزه و قرب الخطوه الاخيره للانهاء علي حماس مهما كان الثمن , التصادم الغير مبرر مع قافله الحياه و حائط العار

    ــ و اخيرا و ليس اخرا .... تغير القياده و الصراع داخل الاخوان المسلميين و مدي تاثييره علي الشارع و السياسه المصريه

    الحكومه المصريه المستفيد الاوحد من كل هذا بجذب الاهتمام العالمي و اسكات اي صوت داخلي او خارجي

    شرح اكثر للموضوع علي المدونه
    مهاجر مصري


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