Friday, January 22, 2010

Our Lobby In Washington

Via Wael Abbas

I think we all have heard this before

The policies of the States are against the Arabs and Muslims because we do not have a lobby there

Well this is untrue because we do have lobbies there but sometimes it is not in our best interest. I do not have anything against lobbying , in fact we should work more and establish a common lobby for the Egyptian , Arab and Muslim best interest not for the regimes best interest there.

Unlike Egypt , there is undeniable transparency in the States and thus it is easy to get the foreign lobbies records there. Here are the Egypt’s lobbies records there . We got the government then we got the ministry of trade and Industry and the Alcotexa then we got  NDP Chucky Ahmed Ezz !! Yes The Ahmed Ezz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Results for Mr. Ahmed Ezz - Foreign Lobbying Influence Tracker - A project of ProPublica and Sunlight Foundation 

So Ahmed Ezz is lobbying for his stupid party back in Egypt !!?? The NDP conference circus ; ok let him waste his money then !!

Now I got a silly naive question , does the parliament knows anything about the government’s lobbyist payments ?? The Arab Republic of Egypt’s payments I am not speaking about Alcotexa nor about Ezz !!?? I am speaking of A.R.E payments which are taken from our money , our tax payers money !!??

I know that the answer of the government or the regime that this money is paid for our best interest , to get the best economic deals , to get the best arms deals and of course to face the Zionist lobby attempts to hit Egypt whenever it is possible !!!!  But who will make sure that this is in our best interest !!?? Where is the accountability ?? How can we be sure that this money is not used to serve the regime but to serve us by the end of the day !!??


  1. Egypt should not buy the services of prostitutes thinking they will serve Egypt well. Egypt should decouple from this zionist failed state called The Former USA.

  2. Anon2:55: Very classy. You writing would fit in well with most Egyptian newspapers. By the way, if the US is a failed state, what does that make every Arab country? At least they get clean water and sewer service to everyone...

  3. now whom is the troll lobbying for exactly-----ezz steel or egypt?!?!?


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