Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Even The Presidency Did Not Like What El-Faky Has Said

It seems that Haikel was not the only one to be angry and alarmed by the Statements of Dr. Mustafa El-Faky in Al Masry al Youm regarding the American Israeli role in choosing our next President. It seems that the Presidency too is angry from his statements too and it has to , his statement is insulting Mubarak specially that he was his advisor for years.

The regime  had to act quickly , it knows well how the words of El-Faky will be Angry El-Faky interrupted in the Egyptian street  and as we all know the regime media is stupid enough to use as usual the old dirty games to defame its opponents with dirty words. From couple of days ago we found the Chief in editor of official Al Messa Daily newspaper opening his fire boldly on the former advisor of President Mubarak.

Mr. Khalid Emam has attacked El-Faky claiming that Dr. El-Faky had to leave the Presidency because there is no place there for womanizers !! “ He used other words actually to say that”

He attacked Dr. El-Faky in one page in bold fonts headlines that shocked everyone despite the fact it is something expected and well known to everybody especially for those in the regime : If you forget yourself and mess with us , we will publish your dirty laundry as simple as that.

El-Faky had to defend himself especially that the headlines were highlighted in Press shows on channels like OnTV and Dream Tv2 and so he is currently suing Emam for defamation.

I am not a fan of El-Faky and regardless of Emam’s accusation to him , I feel that the regime is repeating its mistake with Mohamed ElBaradei by letting its dogs out with my all respect.

Now when I think of What El-Faky had said again, I wonder what he wanted to achieve or get , a man like him knows exactly what he is saying very well and he knows that due to the sensitivity of his former position in the state all the lights will be on him especially with all the talk about the elections now ; so why El-Faky had said that the next President of Egypt should be accepted by the States and Israel !!?? Is not El-Faky in good terms with Gamal Mubarak ?? or it was an unintentional mistake ?? or it was only a political opinion !!?? God only knows


  1. Very interesting post. You know how some people never know how to play fair. Thank you for coming by.

  2. Well, it is well known why the regime picks certain officials and how its desirable to have dirty files on them to pull them out when the time comes. In fact, this is not an invention of Mubarak's regime but started with Nasser. The regime is also known for letting some of its men throw in some comments for testing their effect. I couldnt also get why he was saying that, is he searching for a potential role in case this regime is gone? is he indirectly confirming that US and Israel wont like Baradi?
    Also, i think we are seeing incidents of men of the regime destroying each other and that is good bec some of them are untouchables for the outsiders, e.g. rumored role of Sameh Fahmy in the sudden change in the regime's attitude towards Mohamed Solimans' corruption files. With Baradi what happened backclashed bec they had nothing to shame him and they do not know how to deal w that type of persons.

    BTW, I dnt think he meant womenizer, it was more like he didnt control his feelings seeing someone dressed in a certain way, you get the feeling that he oggeled someone.

  3. Well I am not a fan of Faky either, but I would say he got off lightly. They could have found pedophile porno pictures on his pc for example. Like in the Europe and the USA: they find such child pornography all the time on political enemies.

    Yes Faky got off lightly.

  4. Anonymous11:54am: Stop the nonsense, in Europe and the USA the police do not work for politicians and dictators. I've never heard of child pornography being found on a "political enemy's" computer.

  5. Scott Ritter

    noted for his role as a chief United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998, and later for his criticism of United States foreign policy in the Middle East.

    Prior to the U.S. invasion of Iraq in March 2003, Ritter publicly argued that Iraq possessed no significant weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

    He became a popular anti-war figure and talk show commentator as a result of his stance.

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  6. Anon4:30: Ritter was arrested in early 2001, before 9/11 and long before the war in Iraq. The 3rd arrest was in November 2009, under Obama--and Obama opposed the war in Iraq, so he had nothing against Ritter. Ritter is a pervert who likes young girls, and deserves jail time... Your comment only shows the independence of American police.


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