Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Follow Up : Egypt’s Floods "Updated"

Officially we have a catastrophe in Egypt whether in Sinai or Aswan. Mubarak has Aswan to see the damages there. The communications between the two cities and the outside world are nearly cut. The ministry of health has announced that 4 citizens were killed because of the floods where as 41 citizens have been injured . Of course these are the official numbers , we can expect much larger losses considering the fact there are missing people especially in Al Arish.
Sharm El-Sheikh is reportedly to be divested from the floods.
Sharm El-Sheikh
Some Eastern highways have been reopened today.
The government has launched a search and rescue operation for those trapped in Sinai or at least this is what they claim.
I do not know where is the hell the civil society from all this !!??
Update # 1:
  • The death toll is increasing from 4 to 15 from all over Egypt. 
  • Here is a collection of video shot in the past 24 hours from Al Arish showing the floods , these are footage you do not see on our national TV !! 

Update # 2 :
  • As expected all the aid goes to South Sinai to Sharm El-Sheikh where as no aid has reached yet to Al Arish. 
  • Mobinil lines and landlines in Sinai are cut where as Vodafone lines are working. 
  • There are news that the number of casualties and losses in Al Arish is larger than what is officially announced. 
  • Mubarak has visited Aswan yesterday.
Update # 3:
  • Mubarak has ordered to increase the compensation for those who lost their houses in Aswan from LE 15,000 to LE 25,000 "I do not know about Sinai"
  • Resala  has started a donation campaign to help the people in Aswan , I do not know yet about Al Arish 
Update #4 : 

  • There have been clashes earlier today in South Sinai between the locals and the security forces, the locals are angry "and they have to be" for the delay of aid and the compensations. 
  • Here is a photo from Al Arish. 

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  1. Z, do you have any information about how can we donate to send aid for those affected in Aswan and Sinai? thanks

  2. @Sonnet, yes O God

    @anonymous , unfortunately I do not have yet but I am searching for ways to help them

  3. have a look


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