Friday, February 26, 2010

Bad Day For Blogging in Egypt Yesterday

Yesterday was a bad for blogging Egypt , again bloggers had to pay big price for blogging and writing what is in on their mind without any hypocrisy.

I do not know which blogger I will start with ; well ladies first and so I will start with blogger Founon.

Blogger Founon  has been fired from job as marketing manager in the company she used to work because she wrote a post about ElBaradei mania or rather referring to the dark times we are living in.

Founon blogs anonymous , yet unfortunately she links her blog to her Facebook notes and so her contacts have access to her blog and her posts. The CEO of the company is on her Facebook's contacts and he has read what she had written and believed that she is dangerous on the company and must leave it !! Founon like the many of us working in the private sectors companies Egypt did not sign a contract and thus she suddenly found herself without a job and without any rights because a single blog post. Founon is not the first blogger to be fired unfortunately in Egypt because their blog posts.

Now if you think that this bad then you must hear what happened to blogger Ahmed Mustafa because it is much more dangerous on many levels. Ahmed Mustafa is a blogger from Kafr El-Sheikh governorate .From a year ago he wrote a post about incident in the war school where a student was fired for no apparent reason except someone rich wanted his place according to the family of that student. Anyhow from a month ago he received an alert from the security regarding that post and also 6th of April Youth activities before Mubarak's visit to the governorate and that's it. Yet yesterday he was detained and according to his family he will stand in front of the marshal court after 3 days !! Of course I must hint out that he received a threatening comment from a student in school called Tamer on the 26th of January.Tamer comments

I respect the army very much and I think that this incident is very dangerous especially that from I understand from Mohamed Adel's post about the matter the military intelligence is involved in the matter. From a legal point of view Mustafa should not be prosecuted in front of a military court. From a logic point of view he should not prosecuted at all because he did not breach any military secrets. I know that many of the graduates and students of the war school would be offended with his accusations but he was just reporting what he has been told about as his role to expose corruption. Of course his blogger , young blogger not a journalist so he could understand fully how to report the incident in the safest possible way but let's be frank here this is old post the army was not offended by till Mr. Tamer made it as an offense to the school's administration. Also if the army is in protecting its secrets why they do not go after all those military forums which freak me with their huge amount of info about our current military status not to mention the YouTube videos and Facebook photos of officers and soldiers online before detaining a simple blogger who believes that everyone should have an equal opportunity to serve in the army.

Again I respect the army so much and despite I have my doubts regarding the incident of the war school as I have relatives in the army and I know how things are there but I totally refuse what had happened to Mustafa who is just a messenger.

I hope that Mustafa does not suffer and the army would be more open minded than the police , already the army is from our last resorts in this nation.


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