Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Must Read These

I know that I post too much about Mohamed ElBaradei , well I think I am compensating the official media absence in this important moment in our country or shall I say the important opportunity we must seize for our children before ourselves. Now I would recommend you to read these articles and posts about ElBaradei because they are important and summarize what I think.
First from Egypt :
    Second from America :


  1. I laughed a lot at Nawara's article. I missed that slang Arabic. I also shared Baheya the opinion about the bad attitude of Amr adeeb in the interview. More shameful is that the interview was in DR. El Baradei house not in the studio

  2. Nawara Negm simply makes me sick....!!!!!she writes nothing more than what her mother writes but in a much less efficient way.I wonder who convinced her she has a sense of humour?????!!!!!

    Baheyya is great..have you got any idea about the blogger??? who is she???


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