Saturday, March 13, 2010

From Someone With Love To Mubarak

At last we saw a picture related to Mubarak in Heidelberg hospital, German Bild newspaper has published a photo for a large flower bouquet deliver to Mubarak's suite.

Flowers to Mubarak

I wonder who sent this huge bouquet to our president !!?? I believe Mubarak will receive lots and lots of bouquets accordingly.


  1. Flowers are known to suck the oxygen out of the room fact or fiction?

  2. Flowers are known to suck oxygen out of the room is a fact.
    I have removed flowers from a patients room per request of the Doctor.

  3. Hopefully the flowers will suck the air out of Mubarak's lungs.

  4. Is that really a fact? I thought plants release oxygen. Can I have the container after the flowers are gone? That is too pretty for any hospital room.

  5. don't you think its very indecent and rude to post such comments on a sick person no matter what our differences all our values and religions forbid us from this


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