Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Real Volcano of Anger

It is strange coincidence that this came at the same time we are remembering the anniversary of Egypt's dark Nightingale , Qaddafi played his song " The Volcano of Anger" in the background of the Arab summit reception show

  Oh  volcano of anger , you who unit the Arabs

Qaddafi believed that the lyrics was about him as it seems. Already I thought that it was a song about Nasser but when I listened to the whole song later without the face of Qaddafi I noticed that it was about the war.

I know that there was a story behind every patriotic song Halim sang and so I searched and guess what !!??

The Real Volcano of Anger was no Nasser nor is Qaddafi , the Real Volcano of Anger was the Egyptian army during the war of attrition !!

It  is a very strong beautiful song , Halim sang the best honest patriotic songs after the six days war defeat.

You can listen it here.

May Allah bless your soul Halim along with those who wrote and composed this song , May Allah bless all our heroes who died bravely in the war of attrition !!


  1. Qaddafi has a sick mind i think most of the people and even the Libyan them selves don't care about him or even trut him as well.

  2. Yup, anger always unites the Arabs, since they are always angry at something or someone.

  3. Thank You for your comment


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