Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bad Omen

Since the return of Mubarak from Germany and the Egyptian singers are racing on whom should present the first song to celebrate the cheerful return of President Mubarak aka  the most hypocrite song to prove the ultimate loyalty for the president.

Of course the first one to celebrate the return of Mubarak on his own way was Shabola along with his lyrist and mastermind Islam Khalil. Shabola sang "Congratulations your recovery President !!" that included the first mention of "Farida Gamal Mubarak" in a song.

You can listen the sensational song below :


Unfortunately Shabola's song did not reach the hit status of "I hate Israel" , may be because people considered it a hypocrite song that does not express their feelings or may be because Sherine's song for MR. President has stolen all the lights.

Sherine , the official singer of NDP if I may call her sang for the President , her father !! The Egyptian TV produced the music video which I believe is more of farewell music video , a bad omen in its own way unintentionally !! Just watch till the end and tell me what you think about !!??

Sherine : Our President

Did you see Mubarak leaving the semi-throne hall at Orba palace ,walking past the closing doors and making his signature bye-bye in a very cinematic scene !!!!?? Sorry a very ending cinematic scene !!??

Sherine has been criticized for singing this song and I would dare and say that her popularity has been affected as now there are groups on the Facebook calling for boycotting her and all other singers who are kissing the regime's ass. What made things worst for the Egyptian diva was the claim of some that she sang by the orders of the minister of information ; if it matters I do believe this claim. Sherine swore that she did it on her own , nobody ordered her t do anything as President Mubarak is like her father

I would like in this post reveal the fact that I hate her so-called patriotic NDP production "Have not you drunk from her Nile !!??"

Sherine and similar singers like Hamaki who was hired to blow the 6th April protests in Ain Shams University were roasted in opposition and independent press , the thing which led Mohamed Ali Ibrahim , the defender of the regime to save the day as usual by comparing our time and the time of Nasser , our singers now and Halim who sang many songs praising Nasser. It is good point because unfortunately what we see from our singers nowadays is just from the Nasserite heritage but let's agree on something Halim did not kiss the ass of Nasser as much as he truly loved him like the rest of the people , I do not think that poets like Ahmed Shafik Kamel and Saleh Jahin were hypocrite when they wrote those songs. Another point Ibrahim has missed , all the Nasser kissing ass songs had died with the man , they did not live after him , we remember Halim songs about the revolution but not Nasser , we are moved when we hear his songs about the 6 days defeat and cheer when we hear his songs in October.

Celebrating the return of Mubarak in the media not only had a reverse reaction with the people as usual but also a reverse meaning , it is as if celebrating his memorial with my all due respect and God knows that as a believer I know life and death are in the hands of God and I could die before Hosni Mubarak. You will know what I mean when you see this documentary which was aired last week on almost all Egyptian private channels at the same time !!


  1. They pretend as if the Egyptian people are stupid. =\ Like giving a child some candy to silent him down...

  2. dnt worry in a few months or years we will see these same singers singing for the new president. At least Shaba'an confessed he wanted to make a song for El Baradie but was warned of the side effects of being honest in Egypt these days. As for Shereen and Hamaki, im never buying or listening to their songs, even though I love Shereen's voice. Hamaki is being super filthy with his comments about 6 April and go and check his facebook page to see how he and those idiots who follow him as if he was a God, have been pocking fun at 6 April and Egyptians who are far better than them on every single level and btw any opposing comments get deleted and Im not talking about insults Im talking about any comment that reasons with them gets deleted

  3. I was just discussing the Hmakai issue with a friend this morning...

    these are young people who suddenly rose from the gutter to stardom is very difficult for them to lose this.Nobody can tell what are the pressures they were subject to.I am defending none of them ,but I would like to mention that Salah Nasr hired actresses to work for Intelligence against their will and using horrible threats.


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